A Light in the Darkness

Fed Wetherbee[1]


Fed Wetherbee[1]

Music by

Trey Pollard[1]


September 20, 2011[2]


12 minutes, 58 seconds[3]




1 BBY[2]

A Light in the Darkness is a Star Wars fan film directed and produced by Fed Wetherbee, an Emmy Award-winning cameraman; and written by Wetherbee and PJ Tamayo, a writer and concept artist. The story takes place one year prior to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, as a young resistance fighter becomes a member of an insurgency against the Galactic Empire. The film has won numerous awards, including Best Fan Fiction and Audience Choice in the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge at the 2011 Comic-Con; Best Fan Film 2011 at the Renovation Film Festival; and Best Fan Film 2012 at Dragon*Con.

Plot[edit | edit source]

One year before the pivotal Battle of Yavin, a young man grapples with the memories of watching a Jedi die at the hands of the clones who once served beside him. Now a resistance fighter in an insurgency against the Galactic Empire, he and his fellow fighters plan to liberate their planet by attracting the attention of the Rebel Alliance. Armed with the lightsaber that once belonged to the fallen Jedi, the young man and the resistance fight against the planet's government, attracting the Rebellion's attention—and the Empire's.[2]

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