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Peter Mayhew (IIIVII)

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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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  • Galactic Republic
  • Rebel Alliance

Millennium Falcon co-pilot







"At last we have the mighty Chewbacca."
―Jabba the Hutt[src]

Chewbacca (portrayed by Peter Mayhew) is a protagonist in the original trilogy. He first appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and returned for the rest of the trilogy. He had a minor role in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and made one appearance on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Chewbacca will be returning for Star Wars Episode VII.

Fictionally, Chewbacca was a Wookiee warrior who fought to defend Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. After the war ended, he went on to become the first mate and smuggling partner to Han Solo aboard the Millennium Falcon, and continued to work with Han as they helped Luke Skywalker rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. Chewbacca fought in the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hoth, and the Battle of Endor, where he helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Galactic Empire.

Years later, Chewbacca and Han found the Millennium Falcon and a scavenger named Rey, a rogue Stormtrooper named Finn and a BB-8 droid that contained a piece of a map to missing Jedi Master Luke on board. After reuniting with Leia, now a General for the Resistance, Chewbacca participated in the invasion of the Starkiller Base with Han, Finn and Rey where he witnessed Han's death at the hands of his son, Ben. An enraged Chewbacca shoots Ben and detonates the charges aboard the Starkiller Base, helping the Resistance to destroy it.

Rumored involvement in upcoming films

Star Wars Episode VII

On October 30, 2012, the day after The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm, Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew talked about whether he would appear in Star Wars Episode VII. Though he did not know whether he or Chewbacca would be returning, Mayhew did express interest in doing so.[1] When asked about a potential role for the character, Mayhew said that, in his mind, Chewbacca would "be there fighting the empire all the way." He also said that he feels it is "important that Chewie remains part of the story. Wookiees, and particularly Chewbacca, are base characters when telling the story of Star Wars."[2]

Chewbacca is famously the only main original trilogy character to have died in the Expanded Universe, so there were questions as to whether he could appear in Episode VII; the character was killed rescuing refugees in the novel Vector Prime. Those questions were answered on April 25, 2014 when Lucasfilm announced that the Expanded Universe continuity would not be part of Episode VII or the official Star Wars canon universe.[3] Given that the character is still alive in official canon, Chewbacca can return in Episode VII—though his potential return has not yet been announced.

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