Conspiracy poster

Scott Schlosser


Brian Tomaselli, Cliff Zody


Scott Schlosser, Cliff Zody, Brian Tomaselli

Music by

John Williams, Joel McNeely, Elliot Goldenthal, David Hirschfelder, James Newton Howard


TBX Productions


30 min


10 BBY


Rise of the Empire era

Preceded by

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (non-canon)

Followed by

Star Wars Rebels (non-canon)

Conspiracy is a 2002 fan film written by Brian Tomaselli and Cliff Zody, and directed by Scott Schlosser. It takes place 10 years before the Battle of Yavin (between Episodes III and IV), and ten of the Emperor's highest and most influential officials were ordered from their commands and ministries to meet in Coruscant, and the meeting that was held that day would change the galaxy forever.

Opening narrationEdit

It was ten years before the Battle of Yavin. Chancellor Palpatine was now in complete control of over what was the Old Republic. It was now the Galactic Empire, and the Chancellor had declared himself Emperor of all. The galaxy was his to do with as he sought it, or so he thought. It was well known how the Emperor felt about the thousands of species of intelligent life that inhabited his galaxy. Humans were perfection. All others were not. The Rebellion against this new Empire was gaining more and more support in the Galactic Senate. But while the Senate's powers dwindle day by day, the Rebellion's numbers were increasing. Entire worlds began to protest the actions of the Emperor. For the first time, the Emperor's dream of a perfect empire that would last a thousand years was in doubt. Ten of his highest and most influential officials were ordered from their commands and ministries to meet in secret on Coruscant. The meeting that was held that day would change the galaxy forever.


Director Isard … Scott Schlosser
Baron Soontir Fel … Cliff Zody
General Maza … Brian Tomaselli
Dr. Vordan … David Wynn
Admiral Seersco … Paul Steinbrenner
Major Horsh Null … Craig Sakal
Comdt. Burus Mox … Robert Schneider
Bevel Lemelisk … Jay Winter
Senator Xander … Dave Buchanan
Colonel Odin Sterling …. Bret Proud
Del Skandi … Audra Gabler


Director, Editor, and Compositor … Scott Schlosser
Writers … Brian Tomaselli and Cliff Zody
Producers … TBX Productions
Visual FX … Michael Hobson
Sound Mixing … Brian Tomaselli
Costumes … Sandra "Ma" Schlosser, Bret Proud, and Cliff Zody
Music … John Williams, Joel McNeely, Elliot Goldenthal, David Hirschfelder, James Newton Howard, and Ludwig van Beethoven


  • Since Soontir Fel was born in 28 BBY, he would have been 18 at the time.
  • Bevel Lemelisk has white hair, not black hair. His rank badge also has four blue rectangles above four dark/purple rectangles.
  • Director Isard has black hair with a white stripe running through it, and his Imperial military uniform is red. Additionally, he is the Director of Imperial Intelligence, not the head of ISB.
  • None of the Imperial officers don't have code cylinders.
  • Doctor Vordan's rank badge has four blue rectangles above four green rectangles.
  • Senator Xander's rank badge has three red rectangles and three yellow rectangles.
  • Colonel Sterling's rank badge has four blue rectangles above four blue rectangles, rather than four red rectangles above four blue rectangles.
  • Major Horsh Null is credited as Admiral Horsh Null in the ending credits.
  • The film takes place 9 years after Episode III, and just 10 years before Episode IV.
  • The film also takes place the same year as the The Paradise Snare (first book of The Han Solo Trilogy by A.C. Crispin).
  • The music for the opening credits is "Agnus Dei" from Alien 3 (music by Elliot Goldenthal) and "Falling Down" from Unbreakable (music by James Newton Howard).
  • Director Isard, Baron Soontir Fel, and Bevel Lemelisk are the only 3 EU characters in the film.


  • Admiral Ackbar (Mentioned only)
  • Baron Soontir Fel
  • Director Isard
  • Ysanne Isard (mentioned only in tribute)
  • Kueller (Mentioned only)
  • Bevel Lemelisk
  • General Maza
  • Commandant Burus Mox
  • Major Horsh Null
  • Emperor Palpatine (Mentioned only)
  • Admiral Seersco
  • Raith Sienar (Indirect mention only)
  • Del Skandi
  • Colonel Odin Sterling
  • Grand Moff Tarkin (Mentioned only)
  • Darth Vader (Mentioned only)
  • General Veers (Mentioned only)
  • Doctor Vordan
  • Senator Xander



  • Great Jedi Purge (Mentioned only)
  • Battle of Endor (mentioned only in tribute)
  • Destruction of Alderaan (mentioned only in tribute)

Sentient speciesEdit

  • Barabel (Mentioned only)
  • Bimm (Indirect mention only)
  • Bothan (Mentioned only)
  • Dug (Mentioned only)
  • Ewok (Mentioned only)
  • Gamorrean (Mentioned only)
  • Gand (Mentioned only)
  • Gotal (Mentioned only)
  • Human
    • Almanian (Mentioned only)
    • Corellian
  • Hutt (Mentioned only)
  • Klatooinian (Mentioned only)
  • Mon Calamari (Mentioned only)
  • Neimoidian (Mentioned only)
  • Nikto (Mentioned only)
  • Noghri (Mentioned only)
  • Rodian (Mentioned only)
  • Sullustan (Mentioned only)
  • Trandoshan (Mentioned only)
  • Wookiee (Mentioned only)

Organizations and titlesEdit

  • Ackbar family (Mentioned only)
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic
  • Baron of the Empire
  • Doctor
  • Fel family
  • Galactic Empire
    • 181st Imperial Fighter Wing
    • Galactic Emperor (Mentioned only)
    • Imperial Covert Police Force
      • Imperial officer
        • Admiral
        • Colonel
        • Commandant
        • General
        • Major
    • Imperial Intelligence
      • Director of Imperial Intelligence
    • Imperial Senate
    • Stormtrooper
    • 181st Imperial Fighter Wing
      • TIE fighter pilot
  • Isard family
  • Jedi (Mentioned only)
  • Sienar Fleet Systems (Mentioned only)
  • Sith
    • Sith Lord (Mentioned only)
  • Tarkin family (Mentioned only)
  • Veers family (Mentioned only)

Weapons and technologyEdit

  • Armor
    • Darth Vader's armor (Indirect mention only)
    • Stormtrooper armor
  • Blaster
    • E-11 blaster rifle


  • The galaxy
    • Alderaan (Mentioned only in tribute)
    • Almania (Indirect mention only)
    • Antar 4 (Mentioned only)
    • Barab I (Indirect mention only)
    • Bimmisaari (Mentioned only)
    • Bothawui (Indirect mention only)
    • Core Worlds
      • Corusca sector
        • Coruscant system
          • Coruscant
    • Corellia (Mentioned only in tribute)
    • Despayre (Indirect mention only)
    • Forest Moon of Endor (Mentioned only)
    • Gamorr (Indirect mention only)
    • Gand (Indirect mention only)
    • Kashyyyk (Mentioned only)
    • Klatooine (Indirect mention only)
    • Neimoidia (Indirect mention only)
    • Prefsbelt IV (Mentioned only)
    • Rodia (Indirect mention only)
    • Sullust (Indirect mention only)
    • Trandosha (Indirect mention only)


  • Aurebesh
  • Color
  • Death
  • Ear
  • Eye
  • Glasses
  • Hair
  • Imperial military uniforms
    • Rank insignia plaque
  • Language
    • Basic
  • Torture (Mentioned only in tribute)

Music played in ConspiracyEdit

  • "Agnus Dei" (Alien 3)
  • "Falling Down" (Unbreakable)
  • "Battle of Gall" (Shadows of the Empire)
  • "Shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor" (Return of the Jedi)
  • "Emperor's Throne Room" (Return of the Jedi)
  • "Night Skies" (Shadows of the Empire)
  • "Conspiracy" (Elizabeth (1998))
  • "Darth Sidious" (The Phantom Menace)
  • "Approaching the Death Star" (Return of the Jedi)
  • "String Quartet No. 14" (Beethoven)
  • "Aftermath" (Elizabeth (1998))
  • "Father and Son" (Return of the Jedi)

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