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"Succumb to the dark side"[1]


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"Succumb to the dark side"
―Dark Jedi Brotherhood tagline[src]

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is a Star Wars fan club and website based around creating characters who follow the dark side of the Force. The club offers fan fiction, fan poetry, and role-playing for members' characters. The website boasts its activity and the use of challenges and tests amongst members for reputation within their Dark Jedi clans.[1]

When a person joins the Brotherhood, they are able to create a Dark Jedi persona with its own biography, powers, lightsaber, robes, and more in order to have a customizable user experience. Members then join the clans where they can earn promotions, medals, and a variety of other options. In addition to the characters and clans, the website also hosts its own wiki filled with information about the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, a community chat room, and more.[1]

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