Ezra Bridger
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Taylor Gray[1]

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Star Wars Rebels[2]

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"His eyes get opened to the fact that there are people who care, who are trying to fight the good fight. And he becomes one of them."
Greg Weisman on Ezra fighting the Empire[src]

Ezra Bridger[2] (portrayed by Taylor Gray) is a character who will be introduced in the upcoming animated television series Star Wars Rebels, set to debut in summer/fall 2014. Ezra is a street smart con artist and pick pocket, who does what he does in order to survive on the streets of Lothal. He has no interest in fighting against the Galactic Empire, but that changes once he meets his surrogate family and becomes a member of the Ghost crew and realizes that there are people who care enough to fight for freedom.[1]

Unknown to Ezra is his sensitivity to the Force. Despite being unaware of it, he does sometimes tap into its power, and he understands that he has heightened instincts and strange abilities. He meets Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the Ghost crew and a survivor of Order 66, and begins to learn the truth about his powers.[1]



Star Wars Rebels Meet Ezra, the Street-Smart Hero

Star Wars Rebels Meet Ezra, the Street-Smart Hero

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