Fool's Errand

Joel Cranson


Joel Cranson


Hal Semmens
Joel Cranson


Kevin Herrmann
Hal Semmens
Brenda Glenn
Joel Cranson


June 10, 2006



Preceded by

Spirits of the Force

Followed by

Reflections of Evil

Fool's Errand is a fanfilm created by the members of the Phoenix Fan Force. It is the sequel to Spirits of the Force released in 2005, and the prequel to Reflections of Evil. It was released on June 10, 2006. Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors join young Jedi apprentice Kit Parson and Master Vette Bendeen to investigate an unusual transmission that could spell disaster for On'dos and Cod'os, two planets that have worked for decades to achieve peace.

Opening crawl[edit | edit source]

The Jedi Academy on Yavin IV slowly returns to normal after the surprising actions and shocking death of young student SPINCE LARRIN. Jedi Master VETTE BENDEEN has since taken on a new protege, KIT PARSON.

After decades of war, the sister planets Cod'os and Ond'os have declared peace, releasing the Cod'ans from the harsh rule of the Ond'an Monarchy.

Meanwhile, the Second Republic has intercepted a message headed for Ond'os; Master Bendeen has been asked to investigate this transmission. Bendeen's young apprentice, Kit, now prepares for his first mission...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kit Parson, Jedi Master Bendeen's newest apprentice, honed his skills as he was about to go on his first mission. At the same time, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors are asked by Mon Mothma to accompany the two Jedi. Bendeen told them that Jonos Belot, a former weapons smuggler turned spice trader, may be hoping to restart a new civil war between the sister planets On'dos and Cod'os, as they are preparing to negotiate peace. Kyle and Kit were to go to Jonos' compound to find anything out, while Bendeen and Jan tried to find the ship and freighter captain that might be carrying Jonos' cargo. Jan was seriously disturbed as she previously was in a serious relationship with Jonos.

Kyle and Kit made their way to Jono's compound, but were attacked by his guards and droids and were soon seriously outnumbered, until Jonos himself came and ordered them to stop firing on the Jedi. Jonos heard the accusation and firmly denied any involvement in the shipping, and offered for them to stay and tour the compound. Celeese, Jonos' "personal assistant," gave Kit a tour, and there were hints of a possible attraction between them. The next day, Kit interrupted Celeese's praying, but she forgave him and told him of the previous civil war between On'dos and Cod'os, where she used to be from, that was started by Count Dooku and the Separatist movement. Celeese and Kit shared a kiss, and Kit received a strange vision in the Force, breaking the kiss off. Celeese apologized and said that the kiss went against her people's traditions and she had to do a cleansing ritual. Kit also apologized and asked to help.

Meanwhile, Jan and Bendeen found the planet the ship was on, and located it within a cave. There, they discovered the illegal shipments, and the crew all dead. They hid when two thugs and the freighter captain came in. The thugs killed the captain, but then they noticed Jan's forgotten blaster. Bendeen and Jan broke cover and fought the thugs. One got away and set a bomb, while the other killed himself before Bendeen could get any information. As they escaped the doomed ship, Bendeen noticed a tattoo on the dead thug's arm.

At Jonos' compound, Kit helped Celeese with the cleansing ritual, and Celeese removed part of her clothing and revealed the same tattoo on her back. She gave Kit her sacred praying stone, but used its power to render him unconscious. She used a comlink to tell someone to pick her and Kit up. Little did she know that one of Jonos' droids saw and recorded everything...

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Kit Parson... Kevin Herrmann
  • Master Vette Bendeen... Hal Semmens
  • Jan Ors... Brenda Glenn
  • Kyle Katarn... Joel Cranson
  • Jonos Belot... Justin Whittenton
  • Celeese... Elizabeth Grasham
  • Freighter captain... Kevin Ward
  • Thug #1... Will Rencenberger
  • Thug #2... Webb Pickersgill
  • Jaina Solo... Jessica Bishop
  • Mon Mothma... Jennifer Eckles
  • Count Dooku... Alan Cranson

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kit uses Spince Larrin's lightsaber, from the first film, as his own in this film.
  • Nathan Blaine, who played Spince Larrin in the first film, was supposed to play the thug in the ship who fought Jan. When he took ill, Webb Pickersgill, who played the spirit of Jerec, filled in.
  • Fool's Errand and Reflections of Evil were initially written as one whole script, but — due to the length — the script was split into two movies.
  • The planet On'dos in the film is a reference to one of the earlier drafts of Star Wars where it ended with the characters going out to search for the princess of Ondos.

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