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Grocery Store Wars is a Star Wars parody film created by the Organic Trade Association. The film is meant to promote the purchase of organic foods over unhealthy, chemically processed food. As such, all the characters in the film are portrayed by vegetables and other foodstuffs.


The beginning of the film's opening sequence is changed to "Not so long ago in a supermarket not far away". An Imperial Shopping Cart Destroyer chases a Rebel Blockade Carton. Then the role starts with Obi-Wan Cannoli telling Cuke Skywalker about the powers of the "Farm," explaining it is a sort of field where they get their power. Most of the story involves Obi Wan Cannoli warning of the wrongs of the Empire which is led by Darth Tater. Darth Tater was once known as Organican Skywalker, but he had since become more chemical than vegetable. Several scenes review the adventure to come: The Death Melon, the Eggs-Wings, Thai Fighters, Princess Lettuce, C3Peanuts, Tofu D2, Chewbroccoli, Ham Solo, and searching your peelings, were not part of the narrative but were forecasted. At the end of the film, the all-wise Yogurt says that there is another hope: you, if you choose organically grown food. This story is extremely funny!



Other parodiesEdit

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