Anakin: "So, I should join the Dark Side because it has a good health plan?"
Palpatine: "And flexible working hours."
―A parody of the Galaxies Opera House scene between Anakin Skywalker and Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith[src]

Irregular Webcomic! is a webcomic written by Australian physicist David Morgan-Mar. The art consists primarily of manipulated photographs of LEGO mini-figures and other LEGO toys.

The comics are arranged around an irregular rotation of independent story arcs, or "themes", which parody some aspect of popular culture. One of these themes is Star Wars. These strips use Star Wars LEGO mini-figures to re-enact and parody scenes from the films, or to poke fun at various Star Wars idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies.

Other themes have Star Wars connections, including a "Cliffhangers" theme reminiscent of the Indiana Jones films, and a "MythBusters" theme starring parodies of former Industrial Light & Magic special effects artists Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

The Space theme character Iki Piki's body is an X-wing pilot minifig's body (when he is in cyberspace).

In the Death theme there are Deaths for all sorts of different fatal events, one of the Grim Reapers is living over 900 years [1] which is the age Yoda died at.

Strips [2]1843 and [3] used Lego Indiana Jones sets.

Morgan-Mar is also one of the writers for a purely Star Wars-themed webcomic, Darths & Droids, which is hosted on the same site.

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