Kanan Jarrus
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Freddie Prinze Jr.[1]

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Star Wars Rebels[2]

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  • Jedi Order[1]
  • Lothal rebels[1]


"He definitely has seen more than what a young man should see. And what he had to see was pretty much the worst thing you would have to witness."
Freddie Prinze Jr.[src]

Kanan Jarrus[2] (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.) is a lead character in the upcoming animated television series Star Wars Rebels, set to debut in Fall 2014. Years before the events of the show, Kanan was a member of the Jedi Order and survived Order 66, the massacre that led to the downfall of the Jedi as depicted in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Since the massacre, Kanan has gone underground to hide from the Galactic Empire, which is determined to hunt the Jedi Knights to extinction. To help hide, Kanan is a gunslinger who uses a blaster instead of a lightsaber, wears armor rather than Jedi robes, and has given up the structures of the Jedi Code. Nonetheless, his ponytail—based on the look of the ancient Samurai—hints at his Jedi past.[1]

As a character in Rebels, Kanan comes out of hiding and leads the crew of the Ghost, the ship used by the show’s main characters. He joins up with the resistance forces on Lothal and even comes face to face with the Inquisitor, an Imperial agent tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the surviving Jedi. The series will show Kanan's journey to rediscover himself and his Jedi heritage, and he will play a role in the eventual formation of the Rebel Alliance.[1]


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