This is a list of references to Star Wars in miscellanea.


  • Several independent T-shirt manufacturers have made T-shirts with graphics illustrating various humorous representations of "Snakes on a plane" for the movie Snakes on a Plane. One, with a cartoon representation of Samuel L. Jackson's character Mace Windu cutting down snakes with a lightsaber, was pulled, presumably for copyright reasons.
  • An advertising poster for an intercultural teacher training at Södertörn University College in Stockholm, Sweden, used the slogan "Socrates, Obi-Wan, and you."
  • An advertisement jingle for EGStoltzfus, a construction company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was a variation on Mad About Me. That jingle had been added to the company's website, along with several others that are a part of their current advertising campaign.
  • For the World Cup, Adidas released a commercial for its Originals line based on the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina scene.
  • In the commercial of the new Volkswagen Passat 2012 there's a boy dressed as Darth Vader.
  • Spike TV made several Star Wars ads, one of Darth Vader playing golf and cheating with the Force and silencing a protesting golfer with a Force choke. Another of Boba Fett killing two guys for laughing at his name, another of a guy tricking an Ewok into fetching a tennis ball and getting a dart blow to the neck, and finally a Tusken Raider getting reprimanded at work by an irate boss for having sand in his folder: however, the boss quickly changes his tune when 4 other Tuskens poke their heads out from behind neighboring cubicles.
  • Pepsi did a commercial for the release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in which Yoda in a diner uses the Jedi Mind Trick to convine a man that he doesnt want his cheeseburger (he then levitates it to himself) convinces the man into handing over his fries, and then says he doesnt desire his drink, yet the man breaks free of the trance stating that he wants the Diet Pepsi, briefly fighting with Yoda until he claims it. Yoda then tries to get a Diet Pepsi from a Wookiee but then thinks better of it.
  • Verizon had a commercial where a man must decide on buying R2-D2 or a Spectrum LG phone. He evantually picks the LG Spectrum due to it being cheaper and having an HD Tv screen.
  • A British commercial features Yoda attempting to help a British man to transfer his features to his new phone, but is surprised that Vodaphone does it by itself with no Jedi training. The man's wife then openly wonders if Yoda tastes like wasabi. Another one shows him in a Bowling Alley where the same thing happens, after which he walks away using the force to pick up a ball and roll it down the lane. The mans girlfriend asks how did he did that to which the man replies that he's a "Jedi Master". Another one takes place with Yoda in a hair salon, On a Train and in the back of a British taxi to advertise the Vodaphone charger. Yoda continued to be a Vodaphone commercial "mascot" of sorts.
  • TomTom GPS has two commercials one with Yoda and one with Darth Vader auditioning for the role of the GPS voice, but both humorously being unable to say the directions without adding their own common sayings and speech patterns.
  • For the 2012 Superbowl, Volkswagen did a commercial featuring a dog getting in shape to take on a new 2012 VW Beetle, and having Doctor Cornelius Evazan watching from the Mos Eisely cantina and remarking that he liked the kid Darth Vader commercial better. Darth Vader then chokes him, until he apologises.
  • Currys PC World has two Star Wars themed commercials, one having Darth Vader visiting ths store in his shuttle, and another with C-3PO and R2-D2 wandering around the store at night interacting with the store's products and appliances.
  • McDonalds released a commercial in 2012 for their Happy Meal, with a new spinning top toy. The commercial has Jedi Younglings training in the Jedi Council room, under the supervision of a Master, including one apprentice that looks like Darth Maul.
  • A Japanese advertisement for Pepsi Energy Cola has Darth Vader on the can with the words "Give yourself to the Dark side"
  • The March 2017 Jon Ossoff attack ad "The Truth Strikes Back", aside from the title obviously being directly lifted from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, featured scenes of Jon Ossoff, during his college years (when he was supposedly acting as a five-year National Security staffer), doing such things as roleplaying as various characters from the Star Wars saga (in particular Han Solo). The Star Wars-related footage of his time in college included him re-enacting the famous introduction of Han Solo (in some versions including him saying that the Millennium Falcon ran "four kegs by DOPS in under 3 parsecs" in reference to alcohol) as well as him panicking while trying to dress up as Solo, one of his roommates dancing shirtless while wearing a cape and Darth Vader helmet, and the same roommate (only with the Vader Mask instead of helmet) having a "lightsaber duel" with a man wearing a white cloak.

Anime and MangaEdit


  • The multipede mecha, which was originally designed to be a grounded crawling mecha is redesigned in the anime movie Appleseed, being attributed with the ability to fly. It is reminiscent of an Imperial probe droid; anime expert Jonathan Clements has theorized that the redesign probably is directly inspired by the probe droid design from Star Wars.

Crayon Shin-chanEdit

  • Episode 27, "Shin Wars", is an entire episode that is a parody of "Star Wars". It stars Shin as Luke (Puke Skypooper), his mother Mitzy as Leia (Princess Labia), his father Hiro as Darth Vader (Darth Bader), a pig as Han Solo (Ham Solo), his baby sister Hima as Jabba the Hutt (Baby the Butt), his grandfather as Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ani-Wan Kanblowmi), Principal Ench as Emperor Palpatine (Emperor Principalpatine), his classmates as the Ewoks (Weekoks), and his pet dog Whitey as a combination of R2-D2 and C-3PO (YT-D2).

Dr. SlumpEdit

  • One of Penguin Village's policemen wears a Storm trooper helmet.

Dragon BallEdit

  • During the Red Ribbon Army Saga, Colonel Silver, a high ranking officer of the Red Ribbon Army, after killing a shopkeeper after deducing that a dragonball the shopkeeper was selling was in fact a fake, said "Boring conversation anyway," similar to Han Solo in A New Hope.
    • When Bulma, Krillin and Goku are trying to flee from the pirate cave's imminent collapse she yells "Move it or you're gonna be a permanent resident here!", reminiscent of Han Solo yelling to C-3PO "Move it, Goldenrod! Or you're gonna be a permanent resident!" while running to the Millennium Falcon to evacuate Echo Base in The Empire Strikes Back.
    • When General Blue executes Soldier 23, he says "apology accepted" in a similar manner to Vader upon executing Captain Needa in The Empire Strikes Back.
    • When Staff Officer Black suggests that Commander Red evacuate the base thanks to Goku storming it, Red talks back by saying "Retreat from a child!? Never! You overestimate his chances!", mirroring Grand Moff Tarkin's line in A New Hope regarding evacuating from the Death Star due to a danger being detected.

Dragon Ball: The Path to PowerEdit

  • While searching for the six Dragon Balls stolen by the Red Ribbon Army and to rescue his friends, Goku in his Flying Nimbus engages Red Ribbon soldiers in a jungle speeder bike run very similar to the one in Return of the Jedi.

Dragon Ball ZEdit

  • In Frieza's spaceship, there is a containment pod that uses a liquid with healing properties, similar to a Bacta tank.
  • In Babidi's spaceship, there is a creature called Yakon, which bares a resemblance to the Rancor. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z, stated he was a fan of Star Wars, making this a likely reference.
  • In the 10th movie Broly: Second Coming, the eponymous villain, while fighting Trunks and Goten in a crazed rage, attempted to strangle the latter in a manner that resembled Darth Vader's characteristic use of Force Choke.

Excel SagaEdit

  • Episode 2, "The Woman from Mars", features an opening crawl made in the Star Wars style, in English, with Japanese subtitles on the right:
  • Additionally, the Puchuu starship in the same episode resembles a Star Destroyer.

Ghost BustedEdit

  • In the Ghostbusters manga 'Ghost Busted', Peter Venkman says "That depends on if you have anything with Yoda on it".


  • While searching for a secret terrorist organization known as "Millennium," Walter the butler asks for information from the Star Wars Fan Club in Los Angeles, supposing a connection to the name of the Millennium Falcon.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!Edit

  • During the series finale for the show, Meta Knight's battleship, the Halberd, flies through Nightmare Space Station's trenches in a similar manner to the X-wings on the Death Star's trenches in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. Similarly, when encountering the space station for the first time, Meta Knight declares that they've ended up being led into a trap in a similar manner to Admiral Gial Ackbar in Star Wars: Epsiode VI: Return of the Jedi.


  • In one episode of the series, Inuyasha, forced to be detained in a hut sealed with magic spells while his wounds heal, is taunted by the shapeshifing kitsune Shippoh, who changes into the form of Inuyasha's love interest, Kagome. Inuyasha responds to this by kicking Shippoh and exclaiming "Laugh it up, fuzzball!"

Mobile Suit GundamEdit

  • Throughout the Gundam series, among the main melee weapons of the mobile suits are "beam sabers", which are very similar to a lightsaber. Sometimes, their activations use the same sounds as, or similar sounds to, a lightsaber.

Gundam F91Edit

  • The crossbone theme song is actually a remix of the Imperial March, since Tomino claimed himself that he really liked Star Wars.

Mobile Suit Gundam SeedEdit

  • The nature of the relationship between the characters Kira Yamato and Cagalli Yula Athha (both were twins that were separated at birth and even nearly fall in love with each other in adulthood) is an obvious reference to the relationship of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Plus, Kira even shares other similarities with Luke, such as being impatient, natural born pilots, and even deemed to be powerful in each of their respective series (Kira was designed to be the Ultimate Coordinator, while Luke is the son of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One who would bring balance to the Force). Apart from that, even Cagalli and Leia are similar in many ways, for example, both are princesses who are adopted by royal families, have fiery tempers, and are also willing to fight to bring peace and order to their country/galaxy. Both Kira and Cagali's parents are dead, similar with Luke and Leia.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed DestinyEdit

  • Sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, the main protagonist Shinn Asuka was manipulated by his superior Chairman Gilbert Durandal to believe that everyone opposing ZAFT was evil (including the Clyne Faction, which almost, if not all the protagonists of the first Seed are members of), similar to how Emperor/Chancellor Palpatine convinced Anakin Skywalker that the Jedi were the ones trying to take over, successfully bringing him to the Dark side of the Force. Adding on, Chairman Durandal's room in the MESSIAH resembles Palpatine's throne room on the second Death Star.


  • The series has a number of similarities with Star Wars in terms of story, characters, character development, etc. For example, the character Sasuke Uchiha's life has a fairly similar development to Anakin's.
  • The ninjas in the series use a power known as chakra and use it akin to the same manner Sith, Jedi, and Dark Jedi use the Force.
  • In the "Land of Tea" story arc, the protagonist Aoi Rokusho uses a sword known as the Sword of the Thunder God, which is used (and sounds) very similar to a lightsaber.
  • The Shadow Imitation Technique of Shikamaru Nara have a sound similar to Blaster
  • One of the Antagonists, Pain, has techniques that work very similarly to Force Push, Force Pull, and Force Repulse.
  • The author has said he has used Chakra as a hook and compared it to The Force directly.
  • In the Fictional Land of Iron there are Samurai Who look Quite Similar to Stormtroopers, Unfortunately they are not fooled by putting on their armor.

My Hero Academia Edit

  • In the first episode of the anime and chapter of the manga, Izuku witnesses a battle between heroes and villains at Tatooine Station, named for the planet on which Luke's journey starts.
  • The Nomu invasion and Hero Killer Stain fight take place in the fictional district in Tokyo "Hosu"; the Japanese pronunciation of Hoth.
  • At the end of season 2, Izuku encounters Shigaraki in a shopping mall called "Wookiees".
  • The facility All For One uses to create Nomus is called Kamino, named for the birthplace of the Clone Troopers.
  • The main antagonist, All For One, may be inspired by Darth Vader. Both wear black metallic helmets to conceal their scarred faces, as well as a life support system.

Neon Genesis EvangelionEdit

  • In Episode 7: A Human Work, Misato is preparing to enter the radioactive robot, Jet Alone, to try and stop his ceaseless rampage. After almost losing her grip and falling 100' straight off the robot, Misato manages to cling on and crawl back towards the hatch. After opening the hatch and looking far down into the red-hot engine of the robot, Misato utters Obi Wan's phrase, "I have a bad feeling about this."


  • The series as a whole seems to focus on extraterrestrial life.
  • The main character Toby is a chosen-one like Anakin Skywalker.
  • Cool's transformation into King Kulu is comparable to Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader (coincidentally Cool also once called Kulu "darth").

Pani Poni Dash!Edit

  • In the opening scene of episode 20 there are various characters and vehicles from Episode III that appear in a still frame during the opening narration. Included: a Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor, Yoda, and General Grievous. The episode aired in Japan in November of 2005.


  • Not in the anime itself, but a radio broadcast starring the main antagonists Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket did a Star Wars parody, with Meowth behaving in a similar manner to R2-D2, complete with the beeps and bloops.

Polar Bear CaféEdit

  • In the episode "South Pole Squad", Polar Bear temporary dressed up as Darth Vader.

Puni Puni PoemyEdit

  • This raunchy and eclectic anime parody series features a giant moon-sized spaceship patterned after the Death Star and a computer-generated homage to the trench run from A New Hope.

Sailor MoonEdit

  • In the episode "The Culture Fest is for Me?! Queen Rei Sings with Passion" (North American title "Raye's Day In The Spotlight"), the characters of Ail and An (Alan and Anne) take part in a fashion show. During the fashion show, they pose while wielding lightsaber-style weapons.


  • One of the protaganists, Gourry uses a weapon called the Sword of Light. It's basicly a sword hilt with a blade of energy that can be extended and retracted just like a lightsaber. It also makes sounds similar to a lightsaber when active.

Sonic XEdit

  • The name of a robot of Dr. Eggman "E-11" is identical of the name of stormtrooper's E-11 blaster rifle.
  • The Dialect of E-77 is similar of R2-D2.
  • The X-tornado is developed from the X-wing.

Tenchi MuyoEdit

  • The main protagonist, Tenchi Masaki, comes into possession of the Tenchi-ken ('Sword Tenchi' in the English language version), a sword hilt with an extendable energy blade. Also there are few other characters such Ryoko and Kagato who are capable of producing generating similar energy blades from their hands. These blades have the same activation sound effect as lightsabers in the Star Wars universe.
  • The Jurai's space vessels mirror the Mon Calamari cruisers that the Rebels use during Return of the Jedi.

Transformers: CybertronEdit

  • In the episode "Fury", Vector Prime says he "felt a disturbance in the force" due to the omega-lock's reaction to Megatron's request for an upgrade.

Transformers: VictoryEdit

  • In the first episode, Star Saber travelled to the alien settlement of Iron Town, where some inhabitants resembled certain species.
R2d2 c3po
  • In episode 22, a pair of mechanoids uncannily similar to C-3PO and R2-D2 were seen at the Schaeffer Energy plant.

Urusei YatsuraEdit

  • Star Wars gags abound in the series, especially episode 89, "Lum and Ataru, a Night Alone," where after Lum announces her intentions to actually sleep with Ataru (although she means platonically, a nuance that escapes everyone else), the other main male characters go into a lengthy hallucination sequence which is one long parody of Return of the Jedi set to the TV show's first ending theme.
  • Further in one of the opening sequences for the show, the character "Sakuranbo" (Cherry) appears dressed as Darth Vader.

Yu Yu HakushoEdit

  • This whole series seems to be greatly influenced by "Star Wars". Luke Skywalker and Yusuke Urameshi have so much in common. Both are arrogant punks who glamor and boast big when it comes to fighting but lack the much needed discipline to pull off a win for themselves alone. Both these guys have an elderly sensei with green skin who's much shorter than they are, but is lightning on their feet and kill with vicious intelligence and great command of the battle. After Yusuke achieves the much-needed powers to defeat a major enemy, Toguro, Genkai dies on him, same as Yoda did on Luke. Luke's major enemy would be Palpatine. Also Yusuke goes up against his evil father, Raizen in battle, same way Luke fights against his evil father, Darth Vader. Both fathers die on their sons. There is even a character named Yoda that looks like Yoda from Star Wards, he is one of Yomi's men and the one that is in charge of the technological aspects of his nation in the demon realm.


Captain UnderpantsEdit

  • In the forward comic of book 3, The title is "The Phantom Principal", a take-off of "The Phantom Menace"
  • In book 5, on of the comics is started off with "A far time ago, in a Galaxy long, long away." This is a take-off of "A Long time ago , in a Galaxy far, far away.

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and SoftwareEdit

  • During a survey of the progression of technology that lead to modern-day computers, the author said he wanted to "pause our time machine in the mid-1970s, an ancient age before the first Star Wars movie was released and with VLSI [very-large-scale integration] just on the horizon."

Diary of a Wimpy KidEdit

  • In Book 3, Greg tries to use the Force to get the television remote.

Anita Blake: Vampire HunterEdit

  • In book 7, Darth Vader's breathing is mentioned.

The 39 CluesEdit

  • Dan's inhaler makes him feel like Darth Cahill. Darth Vader is referenced a number of times. Luke Skywalker is mentioned in Book 11: Vespers Rising.

Mind-Rain: Your Favorite Authors on Scott Westerfeld's Uglies SeriesEdit

  • Chewbacca is named as one of the "greatest sidekicks".

The Heroes of Olympus Edit

  • In the first book The Lost Hero, Leo Valdez remarks that Coach Hedge's megaphone makes him sound like Darth Vader.

Poopy ClawsEdit

The Berenstein BearsEdit

  • In the book The Bad Dream, Brother Bear went to see a movie called Space Grizzlies. The movie's title as well as the merchandising and a brief shot of the film implied that it was the Bears version of Star Wars.

Year Zero, by Rob ReidEdit

  • One of the characters the protagonists interact with is called Guardian 1138. Also, references to Jedi and Yoda.


Astonishing X-MenEdit

  • In #21, while freezing in an ice storm, Hank says "You're amoral, you're abrasive, and right now you're looking at me like I'm a tauntaun." Agent Brand replies "You can stop whining. I don't need your guts to keep me warm."
  • In #22, on spotting the giant orbiting weapon targeting Earth, Hank says "You know, I thought I'd have a lot more fun if I ever had to say this…" "Say what?" "That's no moon…"

Avengers: InfinityEdit

  • In Infinity #6 "Amber", a Corellian CR90 Corvette is seen in the space as a part of Thanos pirates Army wich battles over Earth with Avengers, Galactic Council and Guardians of the Galaxy

Baby BluesEdit

  • In the title frame of a Sunday strip, Wanda is shown in a Jedi Cloak, doing a Jedi Mind Trick on her husband.

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!Edit

  • Owing to the story parodying several science-fiction (and to a lesser extent, non-sci-fi related media), the strip makes various parodies of Star Wars.
    • One arc had the titular character trying to save a princess from the Death Ship and specifically the clutches of Dirk Raider, a parody of Luke and Han's rescue of Princess Leia from A New Hope.
    • Dirk Raider's character, as well as his backstory, is a parody of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. The chancellor belonged to a group called Micro-Sith, which is a parody of both the Order of the Sith Lords and the software company Microsoft. The chancellor himself was also a parody of Palpatine.
    • In one Sunday strip, Dirk Raider held a State of the Empire progress report meeting where he stated that despite the setbacks (including invasions being down by a quarter as well as stock in "conquer[ing] the galaxy" being down), there won't be any layoffs or job cuts, although he implied he would be sending 30 soldiers on a "mission" into the sun as a result, which is a parody of both the Galactic Empire, business financial review meetings, Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader's infamous punishments of his underlings.

Cable & DeadpoolEdit

  • In issue 35, Deadpool accuses Cable of using "some kind of Jedi mind trick thingie" on him after he spent most of the day arguing with hallucinations of all the people he had killed.

Calvin and HobbesEdit

  • When Calvin's mom makes Calvin an onion suit for a school play and asks how good it is, Calvin replies "Jabba the Hutt meets Rudolf the Reindeer, I dunno."

Dark ClawEdit

  • The comic "Dark Claw Adventures" briefly features a character called "Agent THX 1138".


  • In the May 13 2009 strip titled "Wally Dabbles in Crime", Wally is telling Dilbert how many think that crime is a bad thing, but it depends on the role models, and says "I lean toward governors, bankers, athletes and Sith Lords."
  • In the April 26, 2010 Strip Dilbert states "I cannot meet your arbitrary deadline, so the Engeneer's code requires me to Kill myself with a Lightsaber. But as they haven't been Invented yet. The best I can do is annoy myself with a Flashlight"

Doctor WhoEdit

The Family CircusEdit

  • On September 13, 2009, a TIE fighter, an AT-AT, and possibly an AT-ST are seen as members of Billy's toys.


  • In the January 18, 2009 Sunday edition of the daily comic strip, Jason has a dream where he finds himself on Hoth, then Tatooine, back and forth again, in response to the thermostat changes that night.
  • In one strip, Jason dresses as George Lucas for Halloween. His costume is repeatedly mistaken for that of a lumberjack. The same strip also had Jason justifying how it was scary by claiming that George Lucas planned to release all six films in 3D (which at the time the strip was released was true).
  • In one strip, Jason and Marcus dress up in Star Wars costumes to go watch the entire Star Wars trilogy three times in a row, which Peter thinks is crazy.
  • In one strip, Jason warns Paige and Peter that his Death Snow Star will be operational in a few minutes.
  • In a Sunday strip, Jason says that looking at the stars in the night sky makes him feel like he is in the Millennium Falcon cockpit.
  • In one Sunday strip, Jason plays with his Star Wars action figures. His landspeeder toy gets eaten by his iguana.
  • An arc for FoxTrot, released around the time the 1997 special editions were released, had Jason requesting for George Lucas to digitally insert him into the original trilogy, and have him act as Jason Skywalker, Luke's younger brother, and his becoming a sith and surviving the second Death Star's destruction. LucasFilm refused the offer, although they nonetheless gave him his suggested "Darth Jason" prototype action figure.
  • One Sunday Strip, released around the time The Phantom Menace was released, had Jason Fox posting lies to his website regarding The Phantom Menace as a means to kill competition of getting a Phantom Menace ticket opening day. In addition, an arc, also released around the same time, had Peter Fox being reluctant to go back to work at his local Pavilionplex movie theater in large part because of The Phantom Menace being shown on all the available screens, and being inondated with several fans wanting to watch it multiple times, asking an old woman what her alien costume was in autopilot, and several fans making paraphrases from the movie. A daily strip also had Jason attempting to "podrace" by tying his wagon to his mom and dad's cars, only for his dad to refuse.
  • A few winter-themed Sunday Strips reference the Battle of Hoth, including Marcus, as the Rebel Alliance, throwing a snowball that totaled a toy AT-AT, to Jason's irritation as the Rebels never used snowballs, as well as Marcus re-enacting Zev Senesca's search for Luke and Han in the Hoth landscape to locate Jason after he crashed his snowboard.
  • A sunday strip made around the time Attack of the Clones was released had Peter working as the person taking tickets at the theater, with several fans (dressed as clone troopers) claiming that they photocopied the Jango Fett fan's ticket (a pun on the clone troopers being genetic copies of Jango Fett). In addition, another arc had Jason awaiting the chance to get tickets online from the local theater, and was camped out in front of the computer, only for it to run as slow as "a bantha on Hoth," making time by communicating via posts on the computer. He eventually does get the tickets for 4 consecutive showings of Star Wars, alongside Marcus, amounting to 8 tickets, and it was eventually revealed that the reason for the slow server was because one of the workers at the pavilionplex (Johnson) mixed up the butter server with the internet server when his boss told him to wash it out.
  • A sunday strip, made around the time Revenge of the Sith was released, had Jason and Marcus re-enacting the duel on Mustafar at the public pool, even dying the water orange, although both presumably got into deep trouble when the lifeguard woke up (it was implied that they did this while the lifeguard fell asleep on duty). Another sunday strip had Jason and Marcus speculating what caused Anakin's fall to the Dark Side.
  • When Peter is forced by Andy and Jason to mow the lawn, Peter frequently ends up mowing up Jason's Anakin Skywalker action figure, to which Jason retorts that he did it to "make it like the real deal."
  • In one Sunday Strip, Jason is randomly apparating to Tatooine and Hoth, with a Tauntaun Trooper, C-3PO, Wampa, ANH Luke, and TESB Luke welcoming Jason to Hoth, Tatooine, Hoth, Tatooine, and Hoth respectively. It was later revealed to be dreams resulting from Paige and Andy Fox (his sister and mother, respectively) having a major thermostat war.
  • One strip had Andy remarking about a new version of The Phantom Menace that was revealed, which removed some unlikable aspects of the film (referring to the Phantom Edit), to which Andy then concludes that George Lucas will not be pleased. The final panel shows Skywalker Ranch, where a man (implied to be Lucas) is heard going into a rant regarding how his "Jar-Jar Free edition" of the film ended up leaked, and lamented the millions to billions of dollars he lost in revenue due to it being leaked, before an aide told Lucas to stop beating on R2-D2.


  • The June 5, 1988 Sunday edition of the daily comic strip opens with a picture of Garfield, Arlene, and Odie. They are standing on a desert with two suns in the background, mimicking the planet Tatooine. The title of the strip, "Garfield," is shown at a tilt similar to how the opening of the Star Wars movies is displayed. Odie is supposed to represent Obi-Wan Kenobi in the picture, while Arlene and Garfield represent Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker respectively. Arlene, Princess Leia, states that "This is Odie-Wan-Kanobe. He has the Force to help us." To which Garfield, Skywalker, replies "He hides it well."

Get FuzzyEdit

  • During a 2007 storyline, Bucky tried to convert Rob's old Star Wars toys into statues of himself.
  • On June 7, 2009, Rob received an unopened Jawa action figure which was subsequently devoured by his dog, Satchel.
  • In one Sunday strip, Bucky comes up with several city names that are combinations of cities in Canada and names in Star Wars, such as Newfoundlando and Dartmouth Vader.

Green LanternEdit

Grimm Fairy TalesEdit

  • In issue 33, the main character's son wears a Boba Fett t-shirt and plays with an X-wing starfighter.

Guiding Light

  • In the first issue, Mr. Spaulding tells Iron Man that "We don't need his stormtroopers terrifying this city!"

Jump StartEdit

  • In the May 30, 2008 strip of the daily comic, the character Doctor Appleby is being filmed by his classmate, Sunny. Sunny stops filming to ask what music is playing in the background, to which Doctor Appleby enthusiastically replies, "Darth Vader's theme song! Ya like it?"

La CucarachaEdit

  • During the release of Revenge of the Sith, the Hispanic-themed comic strip series La Cucaracha did an adaptation of Star Wars focusing on the aspects of Latino culture named "eStar Wars", based on one of the characters' comments about the struggles undergoing in the films was similar to Latinos. In it, the main characters acted as their equivalent of Jedi Knights, and the main villain resembled Darth Vader, who apparently was a womanizer and afraid of wrestlers. The strips also derisively referred to the main villains as "Republicons". Eventually, the apprentice is revealed to have been the villain all along, a'la Vader's revelation that he is Luke's father in The Empire Strikes Back, to which the other main character deduces that the plot was most likely written by George Lucas as well in irritation, causing Lucas to mention he's a good Latino writer as well.
  • Another strip had the premiere of Revenge of the Sith, as well as the local army recruiter attempting to set up a recruitment station for the military next door by setting up a sign saying "Start Wars".

The League of Extraordinary GentlemenEdit

Outer OrbitEdit

  • In issue 2, Krunk says to Quinn, "I have you now," while chasing him in a spacecraft.

Pearls Before SwineEdit

  • In between the panels of the August 2, 2010 daily strip, it reads "Stephan Pastis played with Star Wars figurines until he was 16 years old."
  • For the December 29, 2010 installment of the daily strip, Rat finds Pig sprawled on the floor and inquires to why he is covered in Han Solo figures. Pig replies that he is part of Pigita's art piece. Rat comments that it's a stupid idea and why Pigita would do something like that, to which Pig says, "I don't know... I guess she can't keep her Hans off me." The strip concludes with Rat standing on Stephen Pastis's desk, holding a baseball bat, saying, "Prepare for a disturbance in the Force."



  • In one comic featured in the first volume of the albums published in Sweden, Rocky and his friend Mange walk by a movie theater were some Star Wars fans are queuing to get tickets for The Phantom Menace. When asked if he has seen it, Rocky expresses his dislike for the Star Wars franchise. As a payback, Mange tricks the fans into gluing a Darth Vader helmet onto his head.
  • In a comic published in the eight volume of the Swedish albums, Rocky's friend Rippo tells Rocky and their other friend Flavio about his classmates at the university. According to Rippo, they've just gone through boot camp and during this time acquired a "firm grip." Rippo angrily wonders if these people, instead of hurting his hand every time they shake hands, can't just crush his head like Darth Vader.
  • In a comic presented in the eleventh volume of the Swedish albums, Rocky and Rippo are discussing false ID's. In a somewhat exaggerated attempt to explain the difficulty in forging modern ID's, Rippo exclaims that they come with a hologram of Princess Leia that tells you your social security number, and that you'd have to be Steven Spielberg to forge one of those.


Sally ForthEdit

  • On June 5, 2009, Ted Forth reveals his dream of his and Sally's mortgage being paid off by the eventual sale of his unopened Boba Fett action figure.
  • On July 5, 2009, Ted Forth compares sparklers to safer versions of lightsabers.

The SandmanEdit

Secret Asian ManEdit

A strip is written regarding the Jedi census phenomenon, and a clone trooper appears in a Halloween strip.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

  • The Death Egg is obviously a tribute to the Death Star in both appearance and name.
  • Issue 113's cover was a reference to the Attack of the Clones poster.

Steam WarsEdit

  • Antarctic Comics released a spoof parody series of comics called Steam Wars, by Fred Perry. The synopsis went as following. "A not so long ago, in a galaxy relatively close by began an epic struggle on a world seized in the grip of an evil Victorian empire, the Hegemonic Crux. Only a ragged alliance of rebels oppose the emperor and his black guard, but hope is fading. While fleeing from the steam-driven war machines of her imperial pursuers, Duchess Imoen stumbles across the home of the last Dragoon: the legendary storm foil warriors of ancient lore! This new (but strangely familiar) steam-fantasy epic will give thrills that haven't been felt since 1977!" The first issue was released on March 3, 2013.


  • In issue #130 of May 2009, while attempting to escape an attack by the Thunderbolts, Deadpool happens upon closed doors, yelling "Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!"

The Transformers (Marvel US)Edit

  • In #4 and #8, the Dinobots flew to the Savage Lands aboard a shuttle that looked very much like the Slave I.
  • In #17, a robot resembling C-3PO appeared in the Dead End.
  • In the alternate future in #43, Wreck-Gar declared "Star Wars... nothing but Star Wars!" as his homeworld was attacked by many spaceships.
  • In #45, a movie director believes his film Monsters from Mars will be "bigger than Star Wars".
  • In #52, another robot resembling C-3PO, named Chromite, found himself a victim of anti-robot prejudice in the Grand Central Space Station.

Ultimate X-MenEdit

  • In issue #46, Cyclops recalls his father buying him The Empire Strikes Back when he was 7 years old.
  • In issue #48 and #49, the X-Men's stealth jet is called the "X-Wing".

X-Men Annual

  • In #14 Warlock entertained a young Christopher Nathan Summers and Franklin Richards by shaping his face like Darth Vader, his right hand like an X-Wing, and his left like a Pterodactyl and said that, "Luke Skywalker must engage hostile winged bioform.

X-Men: Phoenix - WarsongEdit

  • In the first issue, the Three-In-One, using their telepathic powers in a similar manner to the Jedi Mind Trick, make a fellow student at the Xavier Institute say "These aren't the droids you are looking for".

Y: The Last ManEdit

  • In issue 4, the main character, Yorick, when sent to locate Dr. Mann, an expert on cloning, grumbles about "dragging me to some Attack-of-the-Clones doctor." On the next page, he says that he and his sister are "like Luke and, minus the French kissing."
  • In issue 6, Yorick asks Dr. Mann why she couldn't "you know, scrape a few cells from my cheek and do your Clone War experiments without me." Mann (whose mother was Chinese) later says that she gave herself a new last name after Mann's Chinese Theatre.
  • In issue 14, Yorick cries out, "It's a trap!"
  • In issue 27, when in San Francisco, Yorick says, "No wonder the Federation of Planets put their headquarters here." Agent 355 asks if "That's some kind of dumb Star Wars reference, right?" to which Yorick responds, "You wound me."
  • In issue 45, Yorick explains that "you're experiencing my master plan. Our new pal didn't really betray us. She just used me as leverage to gain the bad guys' trust. A classic Lando!"


Amazing StoriesEdit

Issue 605 celebrated the release of the original trilogy on DVD.

Mad MagazineEdit

  • It would parody Star Wars and all the other episodes in its issues, plus release Super Specials that were nothing but Star Wars parody.

CityArts SeattleEdit

  • The August 2011 issue featured an article titled Game Changers, about female geeks and feminism in geek culture. The article prominently referenced slave Leia, Return of the Jedi, and Star Wars and other science fiction in general.


In the August 2012 issue there is a column on multi-breasted women in pop culture, in which Yarna d'al' Gargan is featured.


  • In issue 72, released in September, 2012, their is a section called Darth Maul Reborn, detailing how the Sith Lord beat death.
  • In issue 74, released in November, 2012, the magazine has a section that focuses on the Sequel trilogy with Insider exclusives, Episode 7 secrets and what the fans have to say about it all.

Sports IllustratedEdit

Throughout the magazine's history, there are several references to Star Wars, namely about the fans being nerds.


Issue 249 contained an interview with Gary Kurtz, who went behind the scenes of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. It also contained a photo preview of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

TV GuideEdit

A 2005 issue contained a preview of Revenge of the Sith, and a holographic cover of Leia/Padmé.

Vanity FairEdit

The February, 2005 issue contained an interview with George Lucas that went behind the scenes of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It also contained a four-page foldout with several actors and characters from both trilogies.

Major websitesEdit


Angry Video Game NerdEdit

Angry Video Game Nerd, starring James Rolfe, devoted an entire episode to reviewing Star Wars games for the NES and had a Beer droid in his basement that shot beers out of a hole in its top, eventually malfunctioning and shooting multiple Rolling Rock beers at the nerd. AVGN would later do a review of Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi, which also featured Star Wars Episode I: Racer as well as Chewbacca and Darth Vader in a cutaway gag.

Classic Game Room Edit

Reviewer Mark Bussler is a fan of mainly the original Star Wars Trilogy, being a critic of the prequel trilogy and the special editions of the originals (although has enjoyed games set during the former such as Battle for Naboo on N64). So much so, that he'll occasionally affiliate Star Wars (and rarely non-Star Wars, such as Extreme-G, also on the N64) games with his most and least favorite Star Wars characters, respectively Lando Calrissian and Jar Jar Binks.

Epic Rap Battles of HistoryEdit

  • The second video of the series featured Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler, and fetured many Star Wars references and ended with Hitler being frozen in carbonite by Vader. A rematch was later made that ended with Hitler falling into the rancor pit.
  • In "Beethoven vs Justin Bieber," the latter stated that it looks like Chewbacca wiped his ass on Beethoven's head.
  • In "Moses vs Santa Claus," Santa compares Moses' robes to Obi-Wan Kenobi's.
  • There was a video of a rap battle between Deadpool and Boba Fett, featuring many Star Wars references such as Jango Fett's death at the hands of Mace Windu. Deadpool makes fun of Boba for being eaten by the Sarlacc and refers to him as a "xerox of his papa." Boba counters the clone diss by pointing out that Deadpool himself is a ripoff of Deathstroke and even has Wolverine's powers, Spider-Man's eyes and Snake Eyes' katanas.

Happy Tree Friends Edit

  • In the episode "The Wrath of Con", Giggles and Petunia are shown lightsaber fighting. Giggles is dressed like Princess Leia and Petunia is dressed like an ewok. Giggles slices Petunia in half with a lightsaber.


The EscapistEdit

Critical IntelEdit

Extra PunctuationEdit

  • "Why Exactly Do We Care About Star Wars?" wonders what the state of the Star Wars fandom would be if the prequel trilogy, instead of being reviled as horrible, were regarded as neither good nor bad. Yahtzee believes that without strong emotions, hatred and rage, centralizing the fandom, Star Wars would not have seen the same surge in popularity and activity it experienced after the release of the prequels that has lasted in some form to this day.

Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown SpectacularEdit

  • Its third episode, "Stanza Wars" featured the poems "Sarlacc is Such Sweet Sorrow" by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw and "The Bounty Hunters" by Jim Sterling.

Zero PunctuationEdit


  • The 404 Not Found page has a figure resembling Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope with what appears to be a landspeeder and Tatooine in the background. The figure's speech bubble says "This is not the web page you are looking for.", an obvious reference to the famous scene in Episode IV.

Homestar RunnerEdit

  • In the Strong Bad Email "Greeting Cards", one of the cards read "Thinking of you...and how terrible your stupid Star Wars spoofs are."
  • In the Halloween special "Halloween Potion-ma-jig", Homestar Runner thought Bubs, dressed as Apollo Creed from Rocky, was dressed as Lando Calrissian--a reference to the resemblance between Billy Dee Williams and Carl Weathers.
  • In the Strong Bad Email "what i want, Strong bad says to Talon Jendro, "Where'd you get that name? George Lucas?"

How It Should Have EndedEdit

  • How It Should Have Ended is a web video series that portrays humorous ways a movie could have ended, by employing logic or simplifying situations that were deemed too ridiculous. A Return of the Jedi video was made showing how the gang could have blown Jabba the Hutt and his entourage up with thermal detonators eliminating the need for a risky plan, touched up on the fact that the Death Star II was more vunerable, and that Shuttle Tydirium might be noticed missing. Later it also shows the Stormtroopers showing hysteria for not being able to shoot correctly and being killed by harmless Ewoks, Darth Vader being overjoyed that he had a daughter and attacking the Emperor for lying to him. He then appears in spirit form as the maimed and armless Anakin Skywalker, then switching from his older form, his young adult form, and his child form much to the chagrin of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn appear as ghosts (but no Padmé Amidala) and all the Younglings that Anakin killed, prompting Yoda to note that the situation was awkward. As a funny sidenote, Han Solo still blind from his carbon freezing stint remarks he may be missing something worthwhile to look at, which is Leia in a revealing metal bikini.



Super Mario Bros Z.Edit

  • At one point, Bowser, when discussing his plans to invade Princess Peach's castle with the Omega Doomship in Episode 7, mentions that his ship will be defended by "an entire legion of his best troops", similar to what Palpatine said in Return of the Jedi.

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean OnlineEdit

  • On May 22nd 2013, a news article was released on the game's official website announcing the return of an annual in-game event. Players had to register for this event, and as an example this entry was given: "SAMPLE ENTRY: Luke Plankwalker, lvl 18, Rebels Guild, Tues. June 4, Race 3 (4:30 pm) Alternate race: Thurs. June 6, Race 1 (10:00 am)" An obvious reference to Luke Skywalker and his affiliation with the Rebel Alliance.

Something AwfulEdit


Nostalgia CriticEdit

  • In his He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special review, after expressing his shock at the fact He-Man has a Christmas Special. He said he wouldn't be surprised if there was a Star Wars Christmas Special, Yoda then told him "You will be, you will be".
  • In his Top 11 Christmas Special review when Number 11 was The Star Wars Christmas Special he denied it's existence saying "no Human could be that idiotically cruel", Yoda then laughed at him. Number 8 was The Star Wars Christmas Special as well and got the Nostalgia Critic annoyed, persisting that it didn't exist while Yoda laughed at him. At the end of the review the Nostalgia Critic asked Yoda what he was laughing at and received a package from a weird looking mailman, he was shocked to find that it was the Star Wars Christmas Special, he then impersonated Luke Skywalker finding out that Darth Vader was his father.
  • The Next Week, the Nostalgia Critic reviewed The Star Wars Holiday Special.
  • In his Lost in Space review he commented that the alien monkey, Blarp, looked like Jar Jar Binks' aborted fetus.

Todd in the Shadows Edit

  • From his review of "Titanium" by David Guetta ft. Sia
    • Sia (singing): Cut me down, but's you who'll have further to fall
    • Todd: Yeah, whatever Obi-Wan!
  • In his One Hit Wonderland series, Todd reviewed the disco "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band" by Meco in anticipation for The Force Awakens release.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate DestinyEdit


Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged SeriesEdit

  • The ending of Episode 3, "My Cards Will Go On," features a short clip of Admiral Ackbar holding up a "trap card," and shouting, "It's a trap!"
  • Episode 15, "Card Wars," parodies several lines from the films, and even opens with a parody of the opening crawl.
It is a period of civil war.
Yugi Moto, having lost a
children's card game, has gone
all emo.

Meanwhile, Seto Kaiba has
infiltrated Pegasus's castle
(again) in a desperate attempt
to rescue his far more appealing
younger brother.

Unbeknownst to either of them,
George Lucas is planning a Super
Special Awesome Edition of
Yu-Gi-Oh where they'll both be
replaced by dancing CGI monkeys.

In America.
  • In episode 46, Marik and Bakura duel with lightsabers until they decided to play a children's card game.
  • In Episode 47, when the blimp is about to crash into the sea, some of the music is playing.
  • In episode 48, when Tea ends up in the virtual world, she asks "Ok, so how did I wind up on Tatooine?"
  • In episode 51, just as Tristian is about to get killed, Serenity tells Tristian that she loves him, to which Tristian replies "I know"
  • In episode 52, "Tristian (really Nesbitt in disguise), during a fight with Seto, says "The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the guy kicking your ass with a stick. The irony-"


2010: Odyssey TwoEdit

  • In Chapter 34, "Valediction," Arthur C. Clarke describes several people claiming to have experienced encounters with UFOs, declaring some of them were victims of "improbable incidents – like the unlucky amateur archeologists who found the props that a celebrated science-fiction moviemaker had abandoned in the Tunisian desert almost four decades earlier."

The 5th WaveEdit

  • The book contains numerous references to various science fiction franchises, including Star Wars. At one point, Cassie speculates that the aliens might use a Death Star-like weapon to destroy Earth. Cassie's little brother, Sammy, is seen playing with a model X-wing and later remarks that a military man wearing a gas mask "looks like Darth Vader." When Sammy is taken away on a school bus, Cassie compares the bus to a yellow X-wing.

Alex Rider seriesEdit

  • In Point Blanc, one of the characters James Spritz wears an old Star Wars t-shirt.
  • In Ark Angel, the protagonist Alex Rider recalls watching Harrison Ford in the Original Trilogy while making his way through a zero-gravity space station called Ark Angel. He realizes that wading through space is different from the films' depiction.

Angels & DemonsEdit

  • In Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, the scholar Robert Langdon is brought to Geneva, Switzerland to investigate the murder of a scientist, which has religious, symbological overtones. While discussing a top secret experiment with two scientists, the director says, "You mean God?" to which the other responds, "God, Buddha, The Force, Yahweh, the singularity, the unicity point -- call it whatever you like -- the result is the same."

BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time TrapEdit

  • In this book there is a conversation between a mercenary leader, The Shadowed One, and one of his mercenaries, a female called Lariska. The Shadowed One orders her to punish a member of his organization, Triglax, because he held back payment intended for TSO. When Lariska asks TSO whether she should remove Triglax's hands during the torture, he says no and explains this with "I think enough hands have been removed this year." Author Greg Farshtey wanted this to be an allusion to the extensive hand-losses during lightsaber combat in Star Wars, as seen in Episode III (released in 2005, the same year the book was released) in the fights between Anakin and Dooku and Obi-Wan and Vader.

A Brief History of the Paradox Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the MindEdit

  • On page 163 author Roy Sorensen, in reference to the Manichees, compares their leader's teachings of Christian philosophy with that of Yoda's teachings of the Force.

Die Like an EagleEdit

  • In Die Like an Eagle, part of the Meg Langslow Mysteries series of murder mystery novels by Donna Andrews, when Langslow and the chief of police are discussing a particularly disreputable pub, Langslow quotes "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." The chief asks what Sherlock Holmes story the line is from, not recognizing the reference, but knowing Langslow's fondness for Holmes novels. Langslow admits that it's actually from Star Wars and the chief, reflecting on the nature of the bar's denizens, tells Langslow she has no idea just how apt the quotation is.

The Dresden FilesEdit

  • In the novel Small Favor while observing a construct made by Mab, one of the Winter Queens, Harry Dresden thinks that the human shapes are the size of the old Star Wars action figures. Later in the novel he thinks about hating "...feeling like Han Solo in a world of Jedi." Out loud he says to his companion that he, Harry, is suppose to be the Jedi. Not long after he calls his dog Chewie when he growls in warning.
  • In the following novel, Turn Coat, during a conversation between Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith, Harry says "I'm not asking her to deactivate the tractor beam, rescue the princess, and escaped to the fourth moon of Yavin." During a battle later in the novel he thinks that the red, green and blue blasts of fire remind him of a scene in a Star Wars movie. He also starts calling his apprentice Molly Carpenter a padawan. Towards the end of the novel Molly calls him Obi-Wan after he explains part of his strategy to solve the case he is working on.
  • In the novel Changes, Harry Dresden imitates Yoda's voice and lines when speaking to his apprentice, Molly Carpenter, about not needing her weapons. Molly responds with the quip that there other things to reference than Star Wars. Harry is then described as narrowing his "...eyes in Muppetly wisdom." A clear reference to Yoda. After being magically dressed he comments about looking ".. like the Games Workshop version of a Jedi Knight." When traveling through the Ways, paths through another dimension, he describes some beams of light as making the Death Star lasers look weak. During a difficult battle he asks himself what would Yoda do before sending several falling pounds of rock at his opponent.

Under the DomeEdit

  • Brenda Perkins finds his husband's containing information regarding the illegal activities of Second Selectman Jim Rennie. The folder is called "VADER".
  • After Piper Libby reveals she knows about the gang-rape done to Sammy Bushey, her dog, Audrey, begins barking to Frank DeLesseps, Melvin Searles, Georgia Roux, and Carter Thibodeau. The scene is described as "in a galaxy far, far away, Audri started barking."

Good OmensEdit

  • The Antichrist has a squadron of model X-wings hanging from the ceiling of his room.
  • The Antichrist's childhood gang is said to enjoy playing a game "based on a highly successful film series with lasers, robots, and a princess who wore her hair like a pair of stereo headphones." Darth Vader's helmet is also compared to a coal scuttle.
  • In one part of the book, a pepperpot-shaped beeping alien robot lands, and it is debated whether it more closely resembles R2-D2 or a Dalek.

Hellbound SnowballsEdit

  • Sissy is seen to wave her hand "subtly like a Jedi" early in the book.
  • Chapter 18 is titled "If You Strike Me Down, I Shall Become More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine." Echoing the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi moments before he is killed in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader.
  • When Jan fails to tempt Connor toward committing murder he muses about the possibility of tempting Connor's love interest instead, mirroring a similar threat by Darth Vader to turn Leia Organa to the Dark side of the Force.
  • Connor shouts, "That's not true! That's impossible!" This is Luke Skywalker's reaction when he learns that Darth Vader is his father.

Kasabian: Sound, Movement & EmpireEdit

  • In this unofficial biography about the successful British band Kasabian one of the chapters is titled "Not That Long Ago, In A Cowshed Far, Far Away", though the mentioned cowshed has nothing to do with Kasabian.
  • Later in the book, it is mentioned that the lead singer, Tom Meighan, was interviewed by following a gig, where he had worn a T-shirt featuring Darth Vader.
  • The last chapter is called "A New Hope", a reference to episode IV.

Mortal EnginesEdit

  • In Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve, the novel opens with a chase scene between the Traction City of London and the town of Salthook, paralleling the pursuit between Darth Vader's Imperial-class Star Destroyer Devastator and Leia Organa's CR90 corvette Tantive IV. As with Tantive IV, Salthook is soon captured and torn apart by London.
  • In a parallel with Luke Skywalker's first encounter with Han Solo's Millennium Falcon at Mos Eisley, one of the main characters Tom Natsworthy describes the aviatrix Anna Fang's airship Jenny Haniver as "made of junk!". Fang replies by commenting that her airship was "built from bits of the finest airships that ever flew".

The Musashi FlexEdit

  • In The Musashi Flex by Steve Perry, which is a prequel to his Matador book series, Teräs Käsi, is mentioned briefly as one of the fighting styles used by the main character of the novel. Later in the novel, John Williams' music is mentioned as well.

Net ForceEdit


The Heroes of Olympus Edit

  • In the novel, The Lost Hero, Leo Valdez, a demigod son of Hephaestus, tinkered with their chaperone, Gleeson Hedge's megaphone to make his voice sound like Darth Vader.
  • In the second novel, The Son of Neptune, Phineas, a blind seer, foretells that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.

The SignEdit

  • In Raymond Khoury's The Sign from 2009 a mysterious "sign" appears without warning over the Antartic ice shelf, in front of a TV crew. Now several groups of people try to figure out what it is.
  • Gracie (the TV reporter): After going directly from the ice shelf to the desert, she muses that "she has stepped on to Tatoonie.
  • Casba (the genius): Being overweight (by a lot) and a geek, whith an unpronouncable name, he is affectionally referred to as "Jabba" by his friends.

Warcraft: War of the Ancients, Book 2: The Demon SoulEdit

The Warrior HeirEdit

  • Early on, Jack is hit in the back with a magic bolt. Once his friends and he have managed to escape their attacker, Fitch asks who the person with "the cool light saber" was. In the book, it was spelled with the space. Jack tells him to be serious, after which Fitch clarifies by listing "Light saber. Flame thrower. Phaser. Electromagnetic de-atomizer. What he shot you with dude." Of course, this is neglecting that lightsabers are melee weapons.

World War ZEdit

  • Gavin Blaire (a female aircraft pilot) complains about losing the opportunity to fly "the closest thing to an X-wing" due to a shortage of fuel.


  • During the 1980s, the president at the time, Ronald Reagan, adopted a plan to create an advanced defense system as a means to win the Cold War, as the Soviets won't be able to keep up. This plan, known as SDI, was also given the nickname of Star Wars due to his frequent comparisons of the Soviet Union to the evil Galactic Empire.


Big BoyEdit


On June 13, 2007, radio shock jock Howard Stern mentioned Darth Nihilus during his show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Gary Garver interviewed a fan that had dressed up as the character, and the soundbite was played on Stern's show. A few days later, on the June 19 episode of his show, Stern mentioned Wookieepedia and proceeded to read from the wiki's entry on Darth Nihilus.[1]</ref>



  • At many ovals, including Bellerive Oval (Tasmania, Australia) The Imperial March and other Music by John Williams is played between the overs.

Major League BaseballEdit

  • In many sports arenas and stadiums (including Yankee Stadium) John Williams's themes to Star Wars are often played. At Yankee Stadium, the Yankees are always introduced one by one accompanied by the Award Ceremony theme from A New Hope, while the opposing team is always introduced with the Imperial March.
  • During the 2004 Major League Playoffs, the legendary rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox brought Star Wars into the mix when the Red Sox began to call the Yankees the "Evil Empire", an obvious reference to the Galactic Empire.[source?]
  • 2007 New York Mets backup catcher Ramon Castro uses the Imperial March as his walk-up music before coming to bat.

National Football LeagueEdit

  • The Imperial March is often used by such teams as the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers, both considered dark and evil to other teams. Various Raiders fans will come to the game as Darth Vader. In addition, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis is sometimes known as the Darth Vader of the NFL.
  • As a promotion for the release of the original Star Wars films on DVD, Imperial Stormtroopers and Darth Vader both made appearances at an Oakland Raiders home game in week three of the 2004 NFL season. An amusing moment came when Raiders owner Davis and Vader met and shook hands.
  • After an incredible season in 2004, then-Minnesota Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper was asked if he could have another MVP-like season. Culpepper responded by saying he felt like a Jedi Knight.


  • In the 2006 edition of Tour de France, German cyclist Jens Voigt's friend and roommate throughout the race, the American Bobby Julich, was forced to abandon due to a crash. Voigt should now share hotel room with Luxembourger Fränk Schleck. Voigt commented: "I room with Fränk now, he's my new Padawan, and I show him how to use the Force."

WWE Monday Night RawEdit


Bedtime Stories with Moralo EvalEdit

These are two videos created by Stephen Stanton, the voice of Moralo Eval, in which Eval tells bedtime stories from a solitary confinement prison. Moralo tells the stories Little Miss Muffet and Humpty Dumpty, only with his own strange, disturbing twists and in a much faster fashion. Moralo humorously, is introduced by a narrator who also tells us that Eval is recording the stories from Cell Block 23H. Stanton also released The Terrible Tale of the Queen of Hearts, Naughty Suck-A-Thumb, The Legend of Jason & Jimmy Mac, May the Fourth be With You, and The Tale of Cruel Frederick. Additional videos continue to be released.

Cat Fights Off Dog with LightsaberEdit

This was a video that appeared on SMOSH in which a small cat fends off two dogs with twin red lightsabers before fleeing, using acrobatic lightsaber moves and a Force push. Many similar videos depicting cats in Star Wars related scenes have also been released.

StarWarsLordSith – Darth Maul Vs Darth VaderEdit

This was a video showing Darth Vader dueling a clone of Darth Maul. This video is a reference from Resurrection; Palptine created a clone of Darth Maul to replace Vader as his apprentince, Darth vader duels and kills Maul.

Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next?Edit

This was a video showing Darth Vader with two stormtroopers spending a day in Disneyland.

Death BattlesEdit

This was a Youtube series that pitted 2 fictional characters against each other in a battle to the death. In one episode, Luke Skywalker fought boy wizard Harry Potter, with Luke coming out the winner, using the Shatterpoint ability on Harry's scar and then impaling him with his shoto. A second Death Battle episode occurred between Darth Vader and Fantastic Four main antagonist Doctor Doom, with Doctor Doom coming out the winner after crushing Vader underneath a rock. A third Death Battle episode occured between Boba Fett and Metroid protagonist and fellow intergalatic bounty hunter Samus Aran, with Samus coming out the winner after shooting Boba's head off with her arm cannon. 

Palpatine looks for a jobEdit

This was a video created by that shows Emperor Palpatine, having survived falling into Death Star reactor shaft trying to get various jobs from a Temp Agency, all with disastrous, and hilarious results.

Rapping with a LightsaberEdit

Amateur rapper Gripp released a video where he raps a song referencing Star Wars content while brandishing an orange lightsaber.

TIE Fighter WIPEdit

This was a soundless anime video released by Otaking77077on Youtube, that depicted a space battle between Imperial forces and Rebel forces.

Galactic Empire State of MindEdit

This was a parody on rapper JZ's song Empire State of Mind, and told the story of the Original Trilogy.


The episode "Han Shot First" was largely dedicated to the controversy that ensued from the 1997 Special Editions of the Star Wars original trilogy regarding whether Han Solo or Greedo shot first, with the show's host Bill Whittle arguing that Han Shot First. At the time the episode aired, George Lucas had explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter the reason for the change being to elaborate that he didn't want the audience to think that he was a cold-blooded killer. Besides the aforementioned Han Shot First controversy, Whittle also briefly referenced Lucas' admission that he based the Ewoks on the National Liberation Front (the Vietcong) and pointed out the implication that the Galactic Empire was intended to reflect America. Whittle used these instances to elaborate what was going wrong with Hollywood in his view.

Joe Hogan webcomicsEdit

Joe Hogan released two Clone Wars era webcomics in the style of Gendy Tartakosvsky's Clone Wars series the Siren of Dathomir in 2012 and Panic over Muunilinst in 2013.

SuperPower Beat DownEdit

Batinthesun posted a video depicting a hypothetical duel between Gandalf the Grey and Darth Vader. Darth Vader came out victorious, slaying the wizard and claiming the One Ring for his own.

In the episode Thor vs. Superman, a fan asks an R5 unit who would win, and the R5 replied in an incomprehensible series of whistles the answer, which was humorously intelligible to the fan but not the audience.

Star Wars Galactic Champions League Semi Final-Football GalaxyEdit

Hosted by Layla Organa-Lee, an attractive woman in a metal bikini, this was a parody on a sports broadcast; and it took place in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Paw WarzEdit

A website creates humorous videos depicting Star Wars related occurrences staring kittens.

The Walking (And Talking) DeadEdit

This was a video uploaded by the channel "Bad Lip Reading" which featured misheard lines based on what characters from The Walking Dead appeared to be saying without volume. During the musical number, "La-Bibbida--Bibba-Dum", The Governor says the line "I always wanted a Wookiee then I found out they weren't real. Thanks for nothing George Lucas."


KR-KN LEGO Star Wars Space DestroyerEdit

In 2013, builder Iain Heath, constructed a giant lego Space Kraken, crushing a Star Destroyer in a deadly tentacled embrace.

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