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Pink Five Strikes Back is a fan film that made its debut on the internet in 2004, created by fans of the Star Wars franchise. The sequel to the popular Pink Five, it is a comedy set in the Star Wars universe. Amy Earhart returns as Stacy (a.k.a. Pink Five), a fast-talking Valley Girl-type pilot.

In this installment, Stacy follows Luke Skywalker to Dagobah and eventually ends up being trained by Yoda as well. As Pink Five did with Episode IV, the film presents familiar events, story points, and now characters from Episode V from a very different point of view.

The film proved popular with Star Wars fans, winning rave reviews and the Audience Choice Award in the Lucasfilm-sponsored 2004 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

With the Battle of Hoth over, Stacy leaves Hoth in her X-Wing fighter along with her trusty astromech droid, making the obvious observation of the "big elephant things" about simply not flying in front of them. Due to Stacy's low attention span, she had not paid attention during the briefing and doesn't have a clue on where to meet the rest of the Rebellion. She brings up her new "boyfriend", Han Solo, although her droid is not convinced. Stacy simply uses the excuse that they are keeping it on the down-low so "Princess Hairstyle" doesn't flip out. Due to her problems with dealing with helmet hair during the Battle of Yavin, Stacy had cut her hair.

Following the "new kid" (since he is "mister can't go wrong" since the "basketball thing") Stacy points out her date with Han Solo in an asteroid was romantic, but it turned out it was a giant space slug's stomach. Her droid points out that he takes everyone there.

Stacy finally "lands" on Dagobah, although a tree breaks the wings off. Stacy defends herself against the droid, who calls her an idiot. Coincidentally, Luke has just crash-landed and is searching for R2-D2. When he calls out for him, Stacy believes it is some unknown being screaming to her that she is indeed an idiot ("I am not an idiot." "Artoo!" [pause] "Am not!") During this time, Stacy attempts to call for help on a cell phone-shaped communicator. However, her droid is attacked and carried off by a reptilian bird.

Just as it seems her luck can't get any worse, it begins to rain. Stacy seeks out shelter and finds a small hovel with the sleeping Yoda inside. Stacy asks Yoda for a phone, but he replies they are too expensive. Yoda believes that Stacy is the one that he was supposed to train and hands her a lightsaber, which she mistakes for his hair drier.

The rain clears, and Yoda takes Stacy out for training. He tells her to activate the lightsaber and attack him (not before she switches the blade color to pink by a knob on the side). Stacy believes that she can take the little guy on. When Yoda insults her, Stacy deactivates her saber and throws it at Yoda's head, knocking him over, saying "When my age you were, look as good you didn't."

Obi-Wan Kenobi then appears to Yoda, informing him that this is not the Jedi they are looking for. Yoda exclaims he didn't know Obi-Wan was dead. Stacy finally gets a call from Han Solo. During her conversation, Yoda leaves to train Luke. Stacy discovers that Han is with Princess "whatever" in some resort in the clouds, although Obi-Wan reassures that she will see him again, and in the meantime she can train to become a Jedi. Stacy questions him on the midi-chlorians in the bloodstream. Obi-Wan reveals that it was "just something they used to tell people".

Stacy agrees and begins her training. With a training helmet and lightsaber, Stacy imagines herself attacking Princess Leia. Obi-Wan and Yoda discuss Luke's training, pointing out he is very good at handstands. Obi-Wan suggests that they just skip a bit go right to the cave. Stacy finally gets a hit on a nearby tree and is attacked by a snake, freaking out.

Luke has entered the cave. Yoda remains outside, mumbling about Stacy's name for his species, "frog people." Suddenly, from behind, Darth Vader approaches Yoda. However, his head is gone. Inside the suit is actually Stacy, exclaiming how Yoda said it'd be funny, but he didn't laugh. She rants a bit about the Jedi and the dirty planet when all she wanted was a pedicure and a latte, then storms off while Yoda giggles behind her.

Luke finally leaves to save his friends. When he leaves, Stacy comes up running from the trees calling for him to stop, not sure what to do now that her ride is gone. Yoda simply tells her to trust the Force. While levitating her lightsaber, Stacy asks if she has it right: heavy-breathing goth dude is the new kid's father. Yoda confirms. Stacy replies with that it must be a real long story. Yoda confirms again with a "totally"...

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