Star Wars: Revelations

Shane Felux


Dawn Cowings
Shane Felux


Dawn Cowings
Sarah Yaworsky


Gina Hernandez
Karen Hammang
Holland Gedney
Frank Hernandez
Shane Felux

Music by

Chris Bouchard
John Williams


Panic Struck Productions


April 17, 2005


47 min.


$15,000 - $20,000+?




Rise of the Empire era

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Star Wars: Revelations is a fan film released on April 17th, 2005, created by fans of George Lucas's Star Wars saga. As Lucasfilm has generally turned a blind eye to the creation of many not-for-profit derivative works, Revelations is one of many fan-produced Star Wars creations. (See The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards for further examples.)

Revelations is noteworthy for being both significantly longer (with a running time of 47 minutes, 13 seconds) and substantially more expensive than the average fan film, with a final budget ranging somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000. It takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The film intended to give a reason for why the Jedi Order was extinct in the original trilogy.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Opening crawl[edit | edit source]

Seers once shaped the path of the
Jedi Order. But their visions grew unreliable
and the Jedi came to distrust those with
the ability. Seers hid their visions or
left the Order forever

In the wake of the Temple's destruction,
a power struggle has emerged between
Darth Vader, the dark Lord of the Sith, and
Zhanna, the Emperor's Hand. Each seeks
to eliminate the last of the Jedi and
gain The Emperor's favor.

Caught between them is one woman
who cannot deny the truth of her visions
as all race to possess an ancient
'Jedi secret…

Summary[edit | edit source]

The destruction of the Jedi Temple was devastating. Accusing the now-defunct Confederacy of Independent Systems of the attack, Emperor Palpatine declares martial law on Coruscant. As the Imperial presence spreads to most systems, Palpatine calls the scattered Jedi Order ineffective. Their protests are denounced as treason, all Jedi are declared traitors, and are now fugitives of the Empire.

The film centers on Zhanna—one of the Emperor's Hands—and Taryn Anwar, a Seer who had helped Zhanna hunt down the Jedi without knowing she had turned to the dark side. Taryn seeks to redeem herself; her visions lead her to a dangerous ancient Jedi artifact said to give the bearer great power.

Canonicity[edit | edit source]

Revelations was written and produced before the premiere of Revenge of the Sith, and inevitably there were discrepancies between what the filmmakers hypothesized would transpire in Revenge of the Sith, and what was eventually depicted in Lucas's finished film. Fan films by definition are not considered canonical; moreover, the mixed reception of fans to some of the story and plot elements of Revelations seems to forestall its being embraced as fanon so far.

Inconcistencies include:

Credits[edit | edit source]

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Gina Hernandez .... Taryn Anwar
  • Karen Hammang .... Zhanna
  • Holland Gedney .... Raux Anwar
  • Frank Hernandez .... Declan
  • Shane Felux .... Cade
  • Joe Lancaster .... Zhanna Aide's
  • Jack Foley .... Darth Vader (voice)
  • Errol Spat Oktan .... Emperor Palpatine/Annoying Drunk/Biker *Scout/Pilot Tie #3
  • Jonathan Thorpe .... Emperor Palpatine (voice)
  • Zack Henderson .... Darth Vader's Aide/Imperial Guard #3
  • Nick Jamilla .... Rogue #1/Boushh
  • Jason Ruschell .... Rogue #2
  • Mike Menez .... Rogue #3
  • Steve Montes .... Rogue #4
  • Matt Henry .... CorSec Commander
  • Dale Henry .... CorSec #1
  • Tye Nelson .... CorSec #2
  • Cheralyn Lambeth .... CorSec #3/Ridge Biker Scout
  • Anthony Menez .... CorSec #4
  • Everett Pilson .... Captain Pilson
  • Alan Winston .... Holo 1
  • Kevin Zabawa .... Darth Vader/Keishing Officer
  • Alonzo Crawford .... Master Sukaal
  • Chris McMinn .... Sukaal's Apprentice
  • Sherri Lareaux .... Sukaal's Follower
  • Brian Sarcinelli .... Boba Fett/Outraged Ambassador
  • Mike Daughtery .... Bartender
  • Catarina Anderson .... Waitress/Dancing Holo
  • Joe Bell .... Imperial Guard #1
  • Eric Negron .... Imperial Guard #2/Pilot Tie #4
  • Sam White .... Pilot Tie #1
  • Lori Frye .... Pilot Tie #2
  • Jeff Antley .... Pilot Tie #5/Imperial Officer #6
  • Phong Ngyen .... Imperial Officer #1
  • Bryan White .... Imperial Officer #2
  • Eric Tank .... Imperial Officer #3
  • Matt Shipley .... Imperial Officer #4
  • Ward Poole .... Imperial Officer #5
  • Bill Truesdale .... Imperial Officer #7
  • James Skaats .... Imperial Officer #8
  • Jay Dasilva .... Imperial Officer #9
  • Rain Montes .... Go-go Dancing Holo 1
  • Umoja Edwards .... Go-go Dancing Holo 2
  • Ayisha Cottontail .... Go-go Dancing Holo 3
  • Matt Pfingsten .... Holo Jedi 1
  • Lillian Borno .... Holo Jedi 2
  • Mario Borras .... Holo Jedi 3
  • Jeff Hendrickson .... Holo Jedi 4
  • Ward Jones .... Holo Jedi 5
  • Ronald A. Karow .... Holo Jedi 6
  • John Bardy .... Holo Jedi 7
  • Joshua Mack .... Holo Jedi 8
  • Theresa J. Mark .... Holo Jedi 9
  • Justin Craig Manning .... Holo Jedi 10
  • Darth Mara .... Holo Jedi 11
  • Lauren McClees .... Holo Jedi 12
  • Jean Mornard .... Holo Jedi 13
  • Michael Mornard .... Holo Jedi 14
  • Stephen Pallajs .... Holo Jedi 15
  • Catherine Simone .... Holo Jedi 16
  • Guy Thomas .... Holo Jedi 17
  • Trenton N Tobin .... Holo Jedi 18
  • Michael J. Trampert .... Holo Jedi 19
  • Justin Monk .... Holo Jedi 20
  • Andrew Hookway .... Holo Jedi 21
  • Meghan Sherrill .... Trooper
  • Natalie Kurczewski .... Trooper
  • Tim Phillips .... Trooper
  • Matt Nargi .... Trooper
  • Phong Nguyen .... Trooper
  • Mark Patton .... Trooper
  • Michael Menez .... Trooper
  • George Metz .... Trooper
  • Chris Migliozzi .... Trooper
  • Russel Wyatt .... Trooper
  • Keith Abbott .... Trooper
  • Seth Busino .... Trooper
  • Christian Bontiago .... Trooper
  • Ronald J. Dempsy .... Trooper
  • J. Tyler Ellis .... Trooper
  • Ian Bonds .... Other Voice (stormtrooper) (voice)
  • Wes Kajawa .... Additional voiceovers (voice)
  • Wes Kawaja .... Additional voiceovers
  • Cash Tunstall .... Additional voiceovers (voice)
  • Alan Winston .... Holo 1

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Production[edit | edit source]

Production on the film began in 2003, with a cast and crew of nearly 200 people. While the production relied much on special effects, and most scenes—especially urban and space scenes—are composited, several scenes were shot on location, including the lengthy climactic sequence, filmed in Shenandoah Caverns over three nights. The special effects were done by a scattered group of artists around the world, working on different platforms and pieced together in post-production. The film was released on April 17, 2005—just over a month before Revenge of the Sith.

Revelations has earned critical acclaim for the quality of its computer graphics and high production value for a fan film. It was produced by Panic Struck Productions and is available for download on, iFilm, and Panic Struck's website.

Though it was generally considered an excellent fan film, it could not be entered into The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, due to the fact it was much longer than the contest's upper time limit, and because Lucasfilm only accepts parodies or documentaries as part of the competition. Due to legal reasons, they cannot allow serious fan fiction works into the contest. Despite this, director Shane Felux did attend the fan film awards when they were given.

Praise and criticism[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the film's premiere in April 2005, the director, Shane Felux, appeared on many news and talk shows promoting the film, notably CNN's Anderson Cooper 360° and MSNBC's Connected: Coast to Coast with Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley. The film was made available free for downloading online starting April 19, 2005, and in fact the volume was so heavy that Star Wars fan site TheForce.Net was forced to temporarily discontinue offering it after two days because it overloaded their bandwidth. Independent online film site iFilm also made Revelations available for download starting April 23, 2005. Within two weeks of the film being made available online, it was downloaded nearly one million times. [1]

On November 7, 2009, the movie hit the front page of Digg, as it was shown in an article on the popular fan site for the game Star Wars: The Old Republic - [2]

For the most part, the media praised the film, especially for its special effects and story. Others noted that the film was quite ambitious for a production of its kind. Some even compared the production and ambition of the film to that of the original Star Wars film, A New Hope.

George Lucas, though he admits he has yet to see Revelations, has said how much he appreciates the work and ideas of his fans on fan films in general, and enjoys watching them. He encourages productions such as these, which is something relatively rare for an owner and creator of such a series to do.

Generally, fans seem to praise the production values and CGI of Revelations while giving decidedly mixed reviews for the story and acting. The various non-canonical elements such as the Jedi Seers, or the portrayal of a new Emperor's Hand as basically an open rival of Darth Vader rather than an anonymous and unknown assassin such as Mara Jade was, were not wholly embraced by fans in general. Some enjoyed a different interpretation of the setting, while others felt it took too many liberties with established canon, particularly in the Expanded Universe of the novels. The acting, likewise, received notices that ran the gamut from good, to serviceable, to amateurish and awful.

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • 2005 Balticon Film Festival: Best Film
  • 2005 Star Walking Film Festival (Australia): Best Live Action, Production Design, Editing, Visual Effects, Best Actress (Gina Hernandez)
  • 2005 MassBay Film Festival: Best Fan Film

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Seers, Jedi with prophetic visions, are an original contribution to the galaxy. Canonically, the Jedi Seer is an alternate name for a Jedi Consular.
  • A week before the opening of Episode III in Mexico, VCD copies of "Revelations" were sold as bootleg copies of "Revenge of the Sith" by local video pirates.
  • A building from the film Blade Runner was incorporated into the design of the Corellian shipyards.
  • Adam Benton, who designed Declan's "Corellian Cougar" for the film, included the spaceship model among many in his book Digital Sci-Fi Art: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Stunning, Futuristic Images [3].
  • Near the end of Felux's second fan film, Pitching Lucas, a poster for Star Wars: Revelations can be seen on the wall.
  • At the beginning of the film, an incomplete Death Star can be seen in Toprawa's orbit.
  • Although Zhanna's name invites confusion with Darth Zannah, they are different characters. In fact, Zhanna is more closely based on Lumiya.

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Chris Bouchard composed an original soundtrack for Revelations, which utilizes certain Star Wars themes. The soundtrack, along with CD case art, is available for download in mp3 format from the official Revelations site and also from the composer's site:

DVD release[edit | edit source]

A downloadable DVD image of Revelations was released not long after its debut on the internet. Originally, the film was released via QuickTime, Windows Media Player, and several other file formats. For the DVD release, the DVD image was distributed from the official site, free of charge, just as the film was. Users can download the entire movie, plus a second disc of bonus features. The download is offered through the BitTorrent file sharing program, due to the large size of the files. Along with the disc files, users can download case art for their DVD case. A DIVX 6 version is also available to provide the same features as the DVD, such as chapter selections, subtitles, director's commentary and such, without the large file size.

The film, along with many other Star Wars fan films, is now available for viewing at the video section of

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