The Shadows of the Empire soundtrack is a musical score by Emmy Award-winning composer Joel McNeely which was inspired by author Steve Perry's 1996 novel of the same name in the film. The score, much like classical program music of the past, is based on a piece of literature rather than a motion picture.

While McNeely set out to make an eclectic piece of his own style rather than try to imitate John Williams, three familiar themes from the movies can be heard in tracks one ("Main Title" and part of "Carbon Freeze"), eight ("The Imperial March" and "Force Theme"), and ten ("The Imperial March").

The 51-minute score, conducted by McNeely, was performed by the 90-piece Royal Scottish National Orchestra and a 150 voice chorus in Glasgow, Scotland in early 1996. The album was released by Varèse Sarabande Records on April 23, 1996.

Origins Edit

In the early 1990s, Robert Townson of Varèse Sarabande Records worked with Lucasfilm to release four soundtrack albums of music composed for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Around that time, he and Lucasfilm's Lucy Autrey Wilson discussed the idea of an orchestral soundtrack based on the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn. The idea did not come to fruition at the time, but when the Shadows of the Empire movie came along, the two decided that it would be the perfect opportunity for a Star Wars score based on a novel.

Townson's first choice for a composer was Joel McNeely. Aside from previously conducting several score re-recordings for Varèse Sarabande, McNeely had scored the film Radioland Murders as well as numerous episodes of Young Indiana Jones for Lucasfilm. McNeely initially turned down the offer because he was working on two other films at the time, and so the project was temporarily shelved; however, when a two-week window opened up in his schedule, he signed on to write the score.

Track listing for the complete scoreEdit

In addition to the score, the CD contained exclusive CD-ROM features with behind-the-scenes content.

  1. Main Title/Leia’s Nightmare — 3:41
  2. The Battle of Gall – 7:59
  3. Imperial City – 8:02
  4. Beggar's Canyon Chase – 2:56
  5. The Southern Underground – 1:48
  6. Xizor's Theme – 4:35
  7. The Seduction of Princess Leia – 3:38
  8. Night Skies – 4:17
  9. Into the Sewers – 2:55
  10. The Destruction of Xizor's Palace – 10:44

Total Time: 51:27

*previously unreleased

**contains previously unreleased material

Recorded information Edit

  • 1m1 Main Title (Return of the Jedi Recording)
  • 1m2 Leia’s Nightmare
  • 1m3 Rebel Fleet Dispersed
  • 1m4 Meeting with the Emperor
  • 1m5 Xizor’s Machinations
  • 1m6 Waiting on Tatooine
  • 1m7a Droids Bickering
  • 1m7b Luke’s Meditation
  • 2m1 Slave I Dogfight
  • 2m2 Enter Dash Rendar
  • 2m3 Ord Mantell
  • 2m4a Junkyard Hovertrain
  • 2m4b Dash vs IG-88
  • 2m5 Black Sun
  • 2m6 Vader’s Spy
  • 2m7a Imperial Moon Base Infiltration
  • 2m7b Smuggler’s Gorge
  • 3m1 Taking on Boba Fett
  • 3m2a Battle Preparations
  • 3m2b Flying Fancy
  • 3m3a Gall Spaceport
  • 3m3b Fate of the Rebel Alliance
  • 3m4 Narrow Escape
  • 3m5 A Desperate Meeting
  • 3m6a Vader’s Suspicions
  • 3m6b Imperial City
  • 3m7 Rodia
  • 4m1 Beggar’s Canyon Chase
  • 4m2a Vergesso Extermination
  • 4m2b Vader’s Mercilessness
  • 4m3a Hunting the Assassin
  • 4m3b Giving the Plans
  • 4m4 Hiding from the Hunters
  • 4m5 The Bothans of Bothawui
  • 4m6 Imperial Freighter Suprosa
  • 4m7 Assault on the Suprosa
  • 5m1 Guri
  • 5m2a Dash’s Guilt
  • 5m2b She’s Not Human
  • 5m3 Ambush on Kothlis
  • 5m4 Disguises
  • 5m5 Barabel Assassins
  • 5m6 Coruscant Descent
  • 5m7 Razor Rendezvous
  • 6m1 The Southern Underground
  • 6m2a Jedi Escapes
  • 6m2b Vengeance on Kothlis
  • 6m4 Xizor’s Palace
  • 6m5 Leia Meets the Dark Prince
  • 6m6a The Seduction of Leia
  • 6m6b An Romantic Resistance
  • 6m7 The Falcon and the Outrider
  • 7m1 Standing on Balcony
  • 7m2 Xizor’s Secret Past
  • 7m3 Through the Night Skies
  • 7m4 Vader’s Bacta Tank
  • 7m5a Into the Sewers
  • 7m5b Giant Dianoga
  • 7m6 Gladiator Droid
  • 7m7 Escaping the Dark Castle
  • 8m1 Stairway to Orbit
  • 8m2 Skyhook Battle
  • 8m3a The Falleen’s Fist
  • 8m3b The Wrath of Dark Lord
  • 8m4 Mourns for Dash
  • 8m5 Finale
  • 8m6 End Credits
  • 8m7 Lightspeed Martyr

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