Looking for something to do here at Star Wars Fanpedia? There are a number of things to do here! This page will offer a number of helpful suggestions for you, and we hope that you join in on the fun.

Official Star Wars projects[edit source]

Check out our pages on the sequel films, actors, crew, spinoff films, television projects, video games, and the Expanded Universe. Know something we don't? Be sure to add it! Don't forget to source it with a link to a reputable news source.

Head on over to the forum to talk about Star Wars! We have two boards specific to Star Wars:

  • Episode VII and Beyond—Geek out about all the latest news, rumors, and speculation about the sequel trilogy, the spinoff films, and related projects!
  • General Star Wars Discussion—There's more to Star Wars then just the new movies! Whether it's the first six movies, The Clone Wars, or the Expanded Universe, talk about all things Star Wars here.

Also be sure to check out the latest news about the future of Star Wars.

Fan projects[edit source]

We have a ton of pages on all sorts of fan projects:

Do you know about a fan project that we don't? Be sure to create a page about it!

On the wiki[edit source]

In terms of wiki-specific things to do, here are some ideas:

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