The Star Wars universe has inspired many independent film makers to tell their own story using the existing characters and conventions of the series. See Fan film.

The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards[edit | edit source]

R2-D2 finds family life to his liking after being adopted by some folks who tracked him down in the phone book. Hey, who needs that whiny C-3PO by your side when you've got a great pad in the suburbs?
What's an aging Star Wars fan to do when the Force just doesn't hold the same appeal that it used to? That's right, pass the love along to a new generation of fan! Get ready to meet Henry, the latest young man infused with the passion for George Lucas' fantastic universe.
8 Minutes
As a group of zealous Star Wars fans ready themselves to buy tickets to 'Episode III, they discover a traitor in their midst. Can good overcome evil in time to purchase the coveted tickets?
In this insurance ad spoof, there is some bad news, then some good news -- then some really bad news.
Alex Strikes Back
Alex's dull day in his living room becomes a lot more exciting when the Millennium Falcon enters, firing away. Can his Jedi-like lightsaber moves save him?
Anakin Dynamite
An awkward apprentice struggles with older Jedis, school elections and idiots! 2005 Best Crossover Spoof Award winner.
Andy's Episode
A bored child discovers a whole new universe waits deep inside his imagination, complete with miniature light sabers and full-sized Sith Lords!
Anything Star Wars
Even in the spaced-out world of the Star Wars fan, the family that plays together, stays together! Don't miss the musical ode to Star Wars fans everywhere.
Attack of the Returning Phantom Filmmaker's New Empire
Timmy has fallen under the sway of the dark side of fan film making and now the fate of the fan film universe hangs in the balance. Only the true hero, OB/GYN Mary Ellen, can restore the balance... if her new film is strong enough.
Barn Wars
Star Wars characters have flown the coop on a farm far, far away as chickens (that's right, chickens) re-enact the climactic battle of The Phantom Menace. Bahk, bahk, bahk, bah-gawk!
Andy thinks his lonely existence is because of his Star Wars obsession, until a housecat helps teach him otherwise in this heartfelt romantic comedy. 2005 Spirit of Fandom Award winner.
Greg Liston had a relatively normal childhood. Like most kids, he was smitten by the fantastic worlds and characters found in the Star Wars films. Unfortunately, the abduction of his favorite Star Wars toy left a bitter taste in his young mouth. Now, after years of torment, he has a chance to get the toy -- and his self-respect -- back.
Carbonite Confusion
Han Solo is awakened from his carbonite slumber by a mysterious figure -- and you'll never guess who it is.
Cheap Seats
Bob Beefkins is one unlucky X-Wing pilot with a bad seat during the medal ceremony in A New Hope. But he manages to have some fun with it and his fellow pilots. 2005 Best Comedy Award winner.
Christmas Tauntauns
What little girl could resist the lure of plastic Star Wars action figures? This musical animated short details one little girls wish to own the entire universe including her very own Millennium Falcon. 2002 George Lucas Selects Award winner.
Crazy Watto
If you're looking for just the right piece of interstellar junk, Watto has what you need! From used Naboo fighters to spare droid parts, Crazy Watto will not be undersold! You'll enjoy this short spoof of the many used car commercials that infect late night TV broadcasts.
Dark Side Switch Campaign
What happens when an irresistible force meets an irresistibly cute young Jedi? Get inside the head of young Anakin as he relates the trials and tribulations of being an apprentice to one of the most famous Jedi Masters ever. Is the lure of the Dark Side just too tempting to resist?
Darth Vader: The Rudy Pirani Story
Life after Star Wars wasn't fun for many of the stars of the film, especially for an aspiring thespian from Chino, California named Rudy Pirani - better known as Darth Vader. This film examines his small-town upbringing, his enormous success with Star Wars and its two sequels, and his spiraling downfall from the peak of celebrity. No stone is left unturned in this painfully honest account of what life is like after Star Wars if your name isn't Harrison Ford.
Darth Vader's Psychic Hotline
You've got questions, Darth's got answers! One phone call solves them all with Darth Vader's Psychic Hotline no matter whether you're looking for work or looking for love!
Dream of the Jedi
A hero comes of age and picks up the mantle of the Jedi! Catch the trailer for one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Dream of the Jedi.
Dude, Where's My Lightsaber?
Sci-fi worlds collide when Bill and Ted embark on a totally excellent Jedi adventure.
Empire of One (2002)
Think there's more to life than herding Bantha's and hunting Womprats on Tatooine? Join the Empire's elite, visit exotic worlds, and crush the runaway republic with your carbon armor plated fist!
Empire of One (2003)
Some people take their jobs very seriously, even when they're not very good at them. Take an exciting look at the heroic, and oftentimes bumbling, career of a low ranking Imperial Officer.
Escape from Tatooine
A man escapes from the stomach of the Sarlacc using Boba Fett's jet pack. Stealing the Slave-1 to return to his home planet -- he finds things are not how he left them. Featuring a surprise ending you're not gonna believe. 2004 George Lucas Selects Award winner.
A brave Ewok steps up to save the Rebels from the Stormtroopers... with an unintended consequence.
Ewok in an Elevator
A businessman's typical workday is wrecked when he takes a ride on the elevator with one agitated Ewok. One more reason to take the stairs.
A Fan Letter
Think being a rebel fighter is glorious? Think again. Darth Vader reads a fan letter from a happy former rebel who switched to the Empire in this satellite TV commercial spoof. Does it smell like Tauntauns in here?
The Fandom Menace
Two Star Wars nuts team up for a blockbuster documentary that reveals the impact of fandom on everyday life.
Figure Club
The joys of collecting are filled with dangers from unsubstantiated lot numbers to scratched packaging. A sly homage to Fight Club, one man's quest to collect Star Wars figures is forever changed when he meets a mysterious but charismatic stranger. 2002 Spirit of Fandom Award winner.
For Love of the Film
A long time ago (1997), in a multiplex pretty close by, a projector showing Star Wars breaks. Rather than face defeat by the Dark Side, these moviegoers find the fan spirit within, and the roles of a lifetime. 2005 George Lucas Selects Award winner.
The Frustration of the Sith
An incompetent Sith apprentice allows a Jedi to steal vital plans. Just before he is killed, the Jedi transmits the plans and other items to a random location where two children find them and decide to put the items to use. The children, now armed with the tools of the Jedi trade, face down a number of droids sent by the hapless Sith apprentice to recover the plans.
Star Wars meets MTV with this spoof of Punk'd. Boba Fett plays a little prank on his buddy Darth Vader, making Vader submit to a sobriety test before he can take off to fight rebel forces.
Galactic Feud
Leia and the gang take on Vader and his evil cohorts in a rousing game of Family, er, Galactic Feud. Who'll win the rematch between Obi-Wan and Vader? Is Luke a Jedi yet? And what's with Tarkin's obsession with orange juice? Tune in and find out!
A Green Hope
A ragtag band of action figures rise up against a toy photographer who has kept them in bondage for years. Leading the revolt is an unlikely figure -- the green, cantina-dwelling bounty hunter, Greedo!
Han Solo: Switch Parody
Technology has its dark side as famed interstellar smuggler Han Solo relates. You just can't count it when you need it so what's a good rebel to do? That's right, switch allegiance to a better system. Don't miss the hilarious parody of the popular advertising campaign that may or may not have helped thousands of technologically challenged people make the transition from an OS that very well may have been developed by the evil empire itself.
Humprey...Star Wars
Humphrey Skywalker employs "force" to decipher a scrambled message.
Imperial News
Unfair. Unbalanced. It's a late-breaking report from the Imperial News Network. Topping the headlines -- the death of Jabba the Hut.
Intergalactic Idol
Don't miss the latest reality TV show to take the galaxy by Stormtrooper! In a marriage made in fan film heaven, the inhabitants of the Star Wars universe are thrust into an American Idol-like competition for cash, prizes and ultimate glory. Who will win this talent-filled competition?
Jabba Wookiee
An anonymous Wookiee, lacking the heft of Chewbacca, dashes away from Jabba the Hutt. During the ensuing confrontation, an omnicient narrator busts into Lewis Carroll's poem Jabberwocky. But will absurdist verse save the universe?
Jar Jar's Walking Papers
When George Lucas asks Jar Jar Binks to meet him at a bar to talk about his future with the Star Wars franchise, one can only guess the outcome. Be a fly on the wall as Mr. Lucas gets rid of Jar Jar, once and for all. 2002 Best Animation Award winner.
Jawas Gone Wild
We all know that Jawas aren't angels. Star Wars film demonstrated back in 1977 that the little hooded nomads possess a number of hostile attitudes and behaviors. Now a vault of never-before-seen footage captures their personal lives, revealing a lurid kaleidoscope of droid fornication and heavy drinking.
The Jedi Hunter
The Jedi Hunter uses a sharp two pronged stick to poke fun at both the Star Wars universe and the The Crocodile Hunter TV show. In this thrilling episode, Boba Fett dons his bounty hunter gear as he canvasses the galaxy, hunting Jedi in their natural habitat. Crikey! There's some feisty ones out there! 2003 Audience Choice Award winner.
Kessel Run Infraction
Take a trip back to the Cantina to see how Luke and Obi-Wan's first meeting with Han and Chewie could have gone horribly wrong. Was Luke really that whiny?
Lloyd Stormtrooper
In an eerily familiar take on unemployment, slacker Lloyd discovers the perfect job after trying a variety of Imperial functions and even gets to meet the dark lord of the dark side himself!
Look Sir, Droids
You got served Empire style! Stormtroopers work the wheels of steel to drop some phat beats and breakdance to some scratching that is definitely from the dark side.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Superlaser
In a loving ode to the renowned filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, this clever short re-imagines Dr. Strangelove as it might have happened from within the Star Wars universe.
Luke Flips Out
Freak out, a Jedi does not! Watch Luke cause a stir in the Force when he pitches a fit in front of Yoda.
Made to Suffer
Using action figures and binary code, this experimental piece examines the mind of C3-PO and his connection to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.
Master of Facts
Darth Masquerader and Obi-Wan Cannot-Be face off with light sabers and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? fervor. In this battle of pure energy and trivia, only the most ardent devotee will come out with his robe intact.
A New Dope
A masked candidate waxes poetic about the dangers of airborne particles in an acceptance interview for the Jedi training program.
One Season More
What happens when Uncle Owen isn't around? Luke laments his banal life on Tatooine -- in song. 2005 Best Song Award winner.
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Prologue
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a character was maligned to no end. Consequently, conspiracy theories abound. What happened long before Episode I? Find out who is truly behind the ultimate evil in the Star Wars universe!
Pinball Wars
A short experimental pieces that infuses kinetic energy into Star Wars comic books and pinball machines.
Pink Five
Ever wonder how the Rebel Alliance would have fared if a Valley Girl was at the controls of an X-wing fighter during the daring raid on the Death Star? Now you can answer the troubling questions that arise from this very concept! 2003 George Lucas Selects Award winner.
Pink Five Strikes Back
The "totally awesome" saga of Stacey, the Pink Five fighter pilot continues as she treks to Dagobah, where Master Yoda trains her to be a Jedi. Kinda. 2004 Audience Choice Award winner.
Pod Commuting
An alarming short about the struggle to overcome the insidious dark forces that keep us all from getting to work on time. Will our rebellious hero be able to get to his station on time to thwart the evil plans of his boss at Imperial Light & Magic?
Porkins Choice
Thousands of channels to choose from and still nothing on! Wander through a galaxy of choices from the exciting to the mundane when every channel on the Battlestar Network is infused by Star Wars characters.
Power of the Sith
After suffering defeat on Naboo, the evil empire must find and capture a young Jedi in the hope of creating a vast army of clone warriors using his DNA. Will the evil Sith bride succeed in accomplishing her evil plan?
Real Men of the Empire
Corellian Ale salutes -- Real Men of the Empire. Like you -- Death Star Gunner!
Looking for a new job? One with excitement and adventure? Then watch this recruitment video for the Empire and learn about openings with crack Stormtrooper special forces, TIE fighter pilots and the Imperial Navy.
Sev Wars
In this lampoon of your favorite prequel, The Franchise Menace gets the best of the citizens of Tatooine - and for that matter - Earth. No merchandising dollar is left unspent when the franchise calls the shots!
Silent but Deadly
Tired of plot-revealing websites, George Lucas sends out a few Stormtroopers to help the film geeks see the error of their ways. Even without sound, this short has laughs aplenty.
Silent but Deadly 2
This silent sequel to the 2002 Fan Film Award finalist exposes the dangers of messing with George Lucas and his legion of fans. Who needs lawyers when you've got a pair of pliable Stormtroopers to do your bidding?
Sith Apprentice
"You're fired" takes on a whole new meaning when reality TV hits the Empire. Watch as the "The Emperor" puts his Sith Lords through various tasks to determine his next Apprentice. 2005 Audience Choice Award winner.
Sparring Program
tThis short merges The Matrix with the Star Wars universe to form a more perfect union. Taking place five years before the battles on Naboo, a lone Jedi in training uses a sparring simulation to hone his skills. 2002 Young Jedi Award winner.
Just because you are a huge Star Wars fan does not mean you have Jedi powers... or does it?
Spoiler Wars
Meet two lovable characters who take a fantastic animated journey to discover the secrets behind the newest Star Wars film.
Chris and Harry are both Star Wars fanatics. One day, Harry wins three tickets to see a special advanced screening of Episode I, but as they try to make their way to the theater on time, Harry realizes that Chris has been keeping a secret from him, and a big argument ensues. To make matters worse, they run into Dan, a psychotic Trekkie. Will Harry and Chris miss the advance screening? More importantly, will they escape the Trekkie's wrath?
Star Thumbs: Wheel of Misfortune
It's the show where there are no losers... left alive, that is. Watch Lord Vader, host of the wildly popular game show, Wheel of Misfortune, rides roughshod over contestants vying for cash and prizes!
Star Spores
The epic struggle between the light and dark sides of the force gets microscopic. Journey into a petri dish far far away to experience the cellular sensation of this animated spoof that puts the science back in science fiction.
Star Wars: Action Figures
The search for Lord Vader and the evil Empire leads a small band of rebels to an isolated but vaguely familiar blue planet at the edge of the galaxy. What happens when the Star Wars universe infests suburbia?
Star Wars: Attack of the Anxieties
Even the dark lord of terror himself, Darth Vader has issues but luckily a trusty protocol droid is the perfect sounding board. Sneak into the mind of the reviled Imperial leader as he unburdens his soul in search of closure.
Star Wars: Battle of Hoth
Inspired by the Ken Burns series, The Civil War, Battle of Hoth is the most in-depth mockumentary about a battle from a movie in a world that never even existed!
Star Wars: Brilliant!
The Emperor devises a way to shoot lightning from his fingertips to destroy Jedi in this spoof of a famous Irish beer. There's only one word for that -- brilliant!
Star Wars: Elements
Take a trip to Cloud City Community College for a musical rundown of the major elements of the Star Wars universe. Can you keep up? 2005 Best Original Concept Award winner.
Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Elite members of the cast of Star Wars prove that they are all natural-born homey g's. 2002 Audience Choice Award winner.
Star Wars Help Deak
With all the computers and machines on the Death Star, they definitely need all the tech support they can get. See what a day in the life is like for a Stormtrooper working the help desk.
Star Wars of Bust
Learn about the legions of Star Wars fans who line up at cineplexes all across America. What makes them tick? Why are they so goo-goo over Jar Jar? Get the skinny in this comedic documentary about people who name their unborn children after Jedi Knights.

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