FANDOM is a Star Trek versus Star Wars website. Using the fictional persona of an Imperial technical officer, the site's maintainer, Michael Wong, a mechanical engineer from the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area, presents a look at the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the Star Trek and Star Wars universes.

The site is also the home of the "Turbolaser Commentaries", an in-depth review of Star Wars weaponry based on evidence seen in the films; the author of the "Turbolaser Commentaries" was Brian Young, who turned over the work to Michael Wong for use on his website.

The site has a very active Bulletin board community,

"SDN" (the short form of its name, by analogy to "TFN" for TheForce.Net) is home to two detailed Star Wars verses Star Wars fanfics, Conquest and Reign of Terror, the former completed and the latter currently being written.

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