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The Colbert Report (Pronounced as "The Colbear Repor") is an American satirical television program that spoofs news talk shows. Its host is comedian, actor and writer Stephen Colbert. The show's major contribution to Star Wars fandom was the "Green Screen Challenge," in which fans were encouraged to create humorous, Star Wars-themed clips using footage of Colbert in front of a green screen. Many fans sent in contributions, which were featured on the show and its official website, A "winner" of the contest was announced on the October 11, 2006 episode. Among the runners up was "George L." from Marin County, California, who turned out to be none other than George Lucas, presenting an entry made by Industrial Light & Magic.

The Green Screen ChallengeEdit

The "Challenge" began in earnest when Colbert profiled California's 6th congressional district, which contains the Skywalker Ranch, on his August 10, 2006 show. In the segment he mentioned Skywalker Ranch and George Lucas, and briefly pretended to fight enemies with a lightsaber in front of a green screen. After this, fans across the internet began creating their own special effects for the greenscreen scene, and a few days later, Colbert revealed some of their efforts on The Colbert Report and announced an official "challenge."

Notable clips include one of Colbert battling a monster with the heads of Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Howard Dean, and of the host defending U.S. president George W. Bush from attackers. On the October 11 episode Colbert announced the "winner" to the challenge would be selected from the top two contestants. The first clip, sent in by "Bonnie R." from Torrance, California, featured Colbert involved in a patriotic game. The creator of the second clip, "George L.", made an appearance on the show. His entry, made by ILM, featured Colbert professionally edited into a scene from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and talking to Jar Jar Binks, voiced by Ahmed Best, who played the character in the films. In the end, Colbert announced Lucas' effort was only good enough for second place, and presented the director with a consolation prize of a free Colbert Report mug and T-shirt. The episode ended with Lucas and Colbert engaging in a lightsaber fight that finished with Lucas vanquishing Colbert.

Other references to Star WarsEdit

Other references to Star Wars on the Colbert Report include:

  • The first episode of The Colbert Report took place on the day Peter Mayhew received his American citizenship. At the end of the episode, Stephen Colbert brought this point up, stating that the day was a type of new beginning for Peter Mayhew, in that he received his US citizenship, just as it was a type of new beginning for the show, "in that it is, in fact, the actual beginning of the show." He then stated it was the sworn duty of the United States to claim as many Star Wars actors as possible ("except for Alec Guinness, who died before we could get to him") and ended the show with, "goodbye, or as Chewbacca would say it, 'raaaaaaaargh!'"
  • On the 31 January 2006 episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen admonished eBay sellers, pointing out an autographed picture of "Stephen Colbert" he purchased from the site—which, in reality, was a picture of Lando Calrissian, although "strangely enough, that's my actual signature."
  • On the 2 March 2006 episode, Stephen mentions Star Wars during his "The DaColbert Code" segments, which is later repeated on a later episode.
  • On the 29 March 2006 episode, Stephen mentioned in the intro, "Brute Bartlett says that George Bush is ruining Ronald Reagan's legacy. He must not mean Star Wars, since George Lucas already ruined that."
  • On the 3 April 2006 episode, Stephen said that "clones make a lot of people nervous," to which The Word added, "Yoda, for one."
  • On the 20 April 2006 episode, when guest Ralph Nader said that corporations holding the rights of people was like robots holding the rights of people, Stephen responded by saying, "What do you have against droids? Star Wars, the whole saga was about the droids, droid oppression."
  • On the 17 May 2006 show, when talking about the "betrayal" of his "black friend," Alan, Stephen said, "I always knew Alan was as dashing as Billy Dee Williams. But I never figured he'd be my Lando Calrissian."
  • On the 10 August 2006 show, Colbert profiled California's 6th congressional district, which contains the Skywalker Ranch. He mentioned Skywalker Ranch and George Lucas, and briefly pretended to fight enemies in front of a greenscreen. After this, fans across the internet began creating their own special effects for the greenscreen scene, and a few days later, Colbert made it official with. Stephen Colbert Greenscreen Challenge. See Colbert to Reveal Greenscreen Winner at At the awarding of the winning entry on October 11, Lucas himself arrived on the show and presented an entry made by ILM. At the end of the episode, Lucas and Colbert entered a lightsaber fight that ended with Lucas killing Colbert.
  • On the September 12, 2006 show, Colbert used a lightsaber to open a door for President Bush, when Bush was trying to open a locked door in China.
  • The spoof-cartoon Stephen Colbert Presents Stephen Colbert's The New Tek Jansen Adventures spoofs Star Wars several ways, including the opening scrawl, incorrect use of "parsec" and scenes mirroring the Millennium Falcon docking at the Death Star.
  • On the November 2, 2006 show (episode 170), Colbert interviews Ron Reagan, a proponent of stem cell research. According to Colbert, "His dad had Star Wars, he's got Attack of the Clones."
  • On the 11 January 2007 show (episode 195), Colbert relates the effects of Apple's new iPhone to Princess Leia's metal bikini.
  • On the January 29 2007 show, Colbert kept referring to his guest Barry Lando as Lando Calrissian.
  • On the April 9, 2007 show, Colbert warns against the future threat of "an army of super-gay clones," stating that he mistakenly rented "Sperm Wars II: Attack of the Bones," which had a better Anakin actor than Hayden Christensen.
  • During the April 19, 2007 show, Colbert said "Metaphor be with you", in a reference to "May the Force be with you", for the show's Metaphor-Off.
  • On the June 28, 2007 show (episode 281), Colbert states that because Unity08 is having its convention online, only "computer nerds" will attend. Hence, the chosen candidates will be Doctor Who and Chewbacca.
  • On the October 3, 2007 show (episode 318), Colbert wonders if Matthew Reinhart will have the "balls" to stick to an October 9 release date for Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy or if he would "crumble like a B1 battle droid." Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You!) was released on the same day.
  • On the January 21, 2009 episode, Colbert began to look forward to the 2012 elections, using a logo in the Star Wars font, and a clip that edited President Obama to look like Jabba the Hutt, Nancy Pelosi as Salacious B. Crumb, and Harry Reid as Princess Leia in her bikini.
  • On the April 27, 2009 show, Colbert "ate" the Ewok Wicket (a large teddy bear with an apple stuffed in its mouth).
  • On the June 3, 2009 show, Colbert displays a news article on the National Ignition Facility, which bears striking similarity to the Death Star. Upon making the connection, and playing a clip from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Colbert exclaims "WE HAVE A DEATH STAR", and black balloons fall from the ceiling as The Imperial March plays. We Have a Death Star!
  • One of the scenes from the intro to his segment Stephen Colbert's Skate Expectations: Kicking Ice and Taking Donations on the Slippery Slope Down the Icy Path to the Frozen Road Up to Vancouver '010 shows Colbert riding across the screen on a tauntaun and wearing Rebel Hoth gear.
  • On the February 11, 2010 show, Admiral Ackbar is seen along with Republicans saying "It's a trap!" in reference to part of Obama's political agenda.
  • On the August 24, 2010 show, Colbert envisions himself and Boba Fett fighting Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
  • The opening of each show during the week of the 2012 Republican National Convention was a parody of the Star Wars opening, with the title "America Strikes Back", a shot of scrolling text in space which pans down to show a sattilite image of Florida (due to the convention's location in Tampa) and Romney's campaign plane flying through space to Tampa, which then cuts to an edited clip of Obama riding a tauntaun outside Tampa and observing Mitt Romney riding in a squadron of elephant-like AT-AT walkers.

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