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Christian Macht


Christian Macht
Cortney Macht
Frank Yario Jr.
Fred Ciba III


Christian Macht
Cortney Macht


May 25, 2007


86 min.

The Force Among Us is a recently released documentary film released on May 25, 2007—the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. It is designed as a tribute to the Star Wars fan community.

The original idea for the documentary, created by the brother-sister duo of Cristian and Cortney Macht, was for it to be a ten-minute long fan film named Confessions of a Star Wars Fan. The idea grew into a feature length made-for-DVD documentary.

Cristian and Cortney Macht, along with a team of film makers, traveled the world in the shooting of The Force Among Us. Some of their most interesting travels include Finse, Norway and visiting the remains of the Lars Homestead set in Tunisia. They also interviewed many different kinds of fans, from the casual movie watcher to the die-hard collector and 501st Legion member. Their interviews include that of Star Wars Fan Club President Dustin Roberts, former fan club president Dan Madsen and the podcasting duo of Arnie and Marjorie Carvalho, hosts of Star Wars Action News.

Cristian and Cortney Macht have attended several Star Wars related events, including Celebration 4 and Celebration Eurupe, to promote the film.

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