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The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod, commonly abbreviated as TSLRCM, is a modding project for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords in development by modders Stoney, Zbyl2, Jinger, SWfan28, Hassat Hunter and VarsityPuppet [1][2][3]. The project is designed to restore some of the content that was cut from the game due to time constraints. While the droid planet M4-78 is not being restored, content such as extended conversations, alternate endings, deeper subplots and the HK Manufacturing Plant are being restored[4][5][6]. Additionally, the mod fixes a number of bugs in the game. Presently, the mod is hosted at the Deadly Stream forums and Moddb.

The latest version is 1.8.4, released on July 21st, 2015.



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The aim of TSLRCM is to restore the maximum amount of cut content possible back into The Sith Lords game while addressing several game stopping bugs. Cut content not restored in TSLRCM includes the planet of M4-78 and the GenoHaradan organization, both of which are being restored in separate projects. There are also other forms of cut content such as an insane Dustil Onasi and "Darth Atris" that are left out due to little existing material and plot conflicts. TSLRCM purely restores content and does not modify existing content, in contrast to The Sith Lords Restoration Project by Team Gizka which seeks to improve the existing game in addition to restoring cut content.[7]


TSLRCM was developed by modders Stoney, Zbyl2, SWfan28, Jinger, Hassat Hunter and VarsityPuppet, with additional contributions from Savvy30039 (lean animation), Mono_Giganto (T3-M4 and Zez Kia Ell dialog fixes). Beta testers include Lord of Hunger, TriggerGod, Pra_Viilon, Garfield, JoewJ, and DarthDac. Additionally, the role of Kaevee was voiced by voice actress Usagi. Finally, translators include Melkor and MrPhil (French), Alec (Italian), Rodro Lliv, Januszka, and Serpol (Spanish), and Pestilenz and Lex (German).[8]

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TSLRCM was first released to the public on 09-24-2009. The release was version 1.4 and was labeled as a public beta, being a playable mod with few to no game breaking bugs. 1.4 was improved by patches 1.4a, 1.4b, 1.4c, and 1.4d. At this point, animator Savvy30039 decided to contribute her lean animation to the restoration, which was included in 1.4d.[9]

On 3-15-2010, Stoney and Zbyl released TSLRCM 1.5, which was a full, complete version, to LucasForums, DeadlyStream, and KOTORFiles.[10][11][12] A patch to the mod, 1.5a, was released shortly after to resolve some remaining bugs.[13]

On June 24th, 2010, TSLRCM 1.6 was released, featuring various cutscene tweaks, dialog bug fixes and more.[14]

On October 16th, 2010, TSLRCM 1.7 was released, which features additional bug-fixes and other additions such as: the Visas-Nihilus movie using the in-game engine to play (rather than a pre-rendered BIK movie), Kreia's Battle for Telos Mod integrated into the mod, the low-res BIK movies of the Dantooine battle replaced with in- game ones, and an improved dialog.tlk mod integrated/improved upon (for the English version.) [15]

Almost a year has passed, but work still continued on 1.8, which is the biggest TSLRCM release yet. It has been released on 24 july 2012. TSLRCM 1.8.2 was released on 28 december 2012, together with M4-78EP.

The most current version for M4-78EP, and TSRLCM 1.8.4 was released on 21 July 2015.


So far, TSLRCM has had three trailers on YouTube, one of which by Jinger and the other two by Lord of Hunger.

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