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    This week, it was announced that Vanessa Marshall would be playing Hera Syndulla, the pilot and owner of the Ghost, the central ship of Star Wars Rebels. She is a strong-minded, practical, no-nonsense, and utilitarian Twi'lek, but she can also be warm and nurturing to those on the crew. As a result, she becomes the heart and guide of the rebel heroes, able to keep everyone together when they would otherwise fall apart. She can talk to the rebels and find a way to bring the best out of them, which is the hallmark of a good commander.

    What do you think of Hera? Do you like her? Is there anything you don't like about her?

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    • Even though we don't have much info about Hera yet, I'm sort of getting a vibe from her similar to Zoe from Firefly. That could be cool if true, and done right.

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