• So I made a bracket on Wookieepedia, but since I'm too young to win anything I picked the characters least likely to win, ending with Jar Jar Binks winning the whole thing. However, I would like to make an actual analysis on who will win the whole thing.

    I'm going to include the play-ins who are currently in the lead, as the round will end soon and they'll most likely win.

    Rule of 32

    • R2 vs. Sabine: R2 has been one of the most beloved Star Wars characters for over 30 years, while we've only known about Sabine for one year. R2 victory.
    • Leia vs. Hera: Again, Leia is a beloved classic character while Hera's only been around for one year. Leia victory.
    • Obi-Wan vs. Luke: The defending champion has taken down the last of the Jedi in the two previous years, and I see a threepeat coming. Obi-Wan victory.
    • Yoda vs. Qui-Gon: While both were great Jedi, the fanbase has more experience with Yoda and likes him better. We've only seen Qui-Gon a couple of times as a disembodied spirit since The Phantom Menace. Yoda victory.
    • Chewbacca vs. Zeb: I really appreciate this battle, given Zeb came from old Chewbacca concept art. However, Chewbacca's quite a bit more lovable than Zeb is, and he has history on his side. Chewbacca victory.
    • Han vs. Lando: Ah, the old smugglers battle. Even though Lando was in Rebels recently, Han is still the more likeable character. Han victory.
    • Padme vs. Jar Jar: I have to admit, I hate both of these characters, but one is much more likeable than the other. The one who nearly took down a clone captain last year. Padme victory.
    • Rex vs. Gregor: Man, it's been a long time since we've seen these two. But for all Gregor's heroics, he only appeared in one episode. To quote good ol' Colonel Gascon, "I was really looking forward to seeing him again!" Rex victory.
    • Tarkin vs. Gunray: No contest here. I don't even see how that slimeball is winning the play-in round. Tarkin victory.
    • Grievous vs. Inquisitor: While we haven't seen the good ol' general in a while, and likely will not see him very much anymore, the Inquisitor is still new and underdeveloped, even if he isn't a coward. Grievous victory.
    • Fett vs. Ventress: This will be close I bet, but I'm confident the seasoned bounty hunter will make it through, even though Ventress stuffed him into a box. Boba Fett victory.
    • Jango vs. Greedo: Battle of the minor bounty hunters who got killed really quickly! Yay! However, while Jango shot down dozens of Jedi and only died after Windu caught him at a bad time, Greedo missed a shot at point blank range, a shot which he shouldn't even have made in the first place. Jango victory.
    • Vader vs. Dooku: While I admire Dooku for his elegant demeanor, he was only in the series as bait for Anakin to fall to the dark side. Plus, everyone loves Vader's story. Vader victory. Why can't Anakin ever be a participant...
    • Palpatine vs. Maul: Ooooh, this is gonna be close. They both had a lot of expansion in Son of Dathomir. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Maul victory.
    • Jabba vs. Fortuna: Well, this is rather easy. After thrashing his court jester for two straight years, Jabba is turning to do the same to another employee. Jabba victory.
    • Vizsla vs. Hondo: This will also be close, as we haven't seen these guys in a while. However, Hondo has that pirate charm. Hondo victory.

    16 Strikes Back

    • R2 vs. Leia: Both beloved classic characters, but R2's just got that charm Leia's lacking. R2 victory.
    • Obi-Wan vs. Yoda: ARRRGGG! Why do you have to make us predict this again?! I'm not gonna waste my time thinking about this and just say Obi-Wan victory.
    • Chewbacca vs. Han: The sidekick rarely wins, and this is not one of those times. Han victory.
    • Padme vs. Rex: This was the closest battle last year, separated by only a couple hundred votes. I think it'll go the same way this year, so (close) Rex victory.
    • Tarkin vs. Grievous: Oooh, this one. I sorely underestimated Grievous last year, and my bracket paid the price. However, given his recent appearances, I think this time it's a Tarkin victory.
    • Boba vs. Jango: Father vs. son battle once again. It'll go the same way it always has. Boba victory.
    • Vader vs. Maul: These two Sith Lords really have a lot in common now. However, Maul's story hasn't gotten the same popularity as Vader's. Vader victory.
    • Jabba vs. Hondo: Let's face it, Hondo's got nothing on Jabba when it comes to smuggling, illegal activities, and taking prisoners. Jabba victory.

    Duel of the Eights

    • R2 vs. Obi-Wan: R2 may be popular, but he's way out of his league now. Obi-Wan victory.
    • Han vs. Rex: Scoundrels from movies > dutiful soldiers from TV shows. Han victory.
    • Tarkin vs. Boba: Tarkin may be despicable, but he's nowhere near Fett's level. Boba victory.
    • Vader vs. Jabba: No contest here. Vader's spawn brought Jabba's end. Vader victory.

    Fate of Four

    And now we're here, with the exact same Fate of Four battles as last year. Who would've known.

    • Obi-Wan vs. Han: Once again, Obi-Wan will prove to Han that he ain't as senile as he looks. Obi-Wan victory.
    • Boba vs. Vader: People like Fett, but they like Vader more. Vader victory.


    We're the ultimate duel...which is the same as last year's...

    Obi-Wan Kenobi...

    vs. Darth Vader!!

    However, this is the time for the dark side to rise and the apprentice to become the master.

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    • Hey, other than Padme vs. Jar Jar and Hondo vs. Viszla, I got them all right! Wow.

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