Thumb Wars

Steve Odekerk


Thumbs of certain people

Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle is a 1999 TV spoof movie, part of Steve Oedekerk's Thumb movies series, using his patented "Thumbation"—the practice of using dressed up and coifed thumbs as puppets.

Plot[edit | edit source]

If there were thumbs in space and they got mad at each other, there would be... Thumb Wars!

Space is divided between the Galactic Thumpire and the Thumbellion Resistance. The Imperial Thumbs under the command of Black Helmet Man (Whose favorite bedtime story is Mr. Wuggum's Bunny Rabbit and the Dark Lords of the Abyss) has built the Thumb Star, a superweapon that can spin a whole planet.

Black Helmet Man, a sinister villain with a thimble-like mask.

Princess Bunhead before her ship received an attack from a giant Thumbperial Hand ship and was boarded by Thumbtroopers (wearing white thimbles instead of helmets).

Loke Groundrunner, a farm boy who lives with his Uncle Soondead and Aunt Gonnabiteit, meets the digits Prissypeo and Beboobeep who were in the service of the Princess.

Loke groundrunner in his Finger Wing Fighter.

Oobedoob Scoobydooby Benubi shows up and after Loke's uncles are manicured by Thumbtroopers, the two men and the digits go to meet a pilot who is going to drive them to Bunhead's aid. In a cantina full of alien species (mutated fingers, alien thumbs, people with two-thumb heads, toes etc), they meet Hand Duet with his assistant Crunchy (an animal's finger), who owe a lot of money to Gabba the Butt.

The team eventually rescues the princess but Oobedoob gets killed by Black Helmet Man during their duel on the Thumb Star. On their way home, Loke meets The Puppet on an asteroid without any other coherence to the story.

Finally the battle begins, and Thumbellion ships begin an assault to the Thumbpire. They dogfight with the FIST Fighters until Loke confronts Black Helmet Man. In that critical moment he learns that his archnemesis is in fact a woman, and more specific, his mother.

Assault on the Thumb Star.

The Thumbs[edit | edit source]

Prequel[edit | edit source]

In the works right now is an untitled prequel in which Thumbi Knights Oobedoob Benubi, Anaskin Groundrunner and Master Puppet, with help from Crunchy, Padme abadaba of Planet Daldar, a frog-like creature named Gurgle Lurgle, and the two digits Prissypeo and Beeboobeep, attempt to destroy the dim side of the Thumb, but unfortunately, Anaskin gets himself seduced by the nail side of the thumb into becoming the evil Black Helmet Man... characters

Anaskin groundrunner a thumbi knight he fights along side with his master oobedoob he is very monotonous when he talks even when when just talking to his wife he is later seduced into becoming black helmet man he wears the suit to hide his burned and chopped body and face

oobedoob benubi a thumbi master who fights alongside his apprentice Anaskin he has the silliest name in the galaxy but later on he has the regrettable choice to chop Anaskin during a battle that results in ground in him being burnt and becoming black helmet man

Padme abadaba Anaskin’s secret wife she reveals she’s pregnant with his child but do being choked by him she goes into labor early gives birth to two children named loke and bunhead sadly she dies shortly after giving birth but before telling benubi there’s still good in Anaskin

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