Once Upon a Galaxy is a chronology website created by Eddie van der Heijden to assemble every event of the Star Wars saga in chronological order. Much of its content can be useful to finding specific details of the universe for use in Wookieepedia. It is a work in progress which was started in September 2004 and is added upon on a weekly basis until all sources have been thoroughly covered.

As of August 2009, the timeline has started anew, now including data from the Essential Atlas. The timeline will follow the 12-month-system, as this is the system in use since August 2009 (initiated by timeliner Nathan Butler, and substantiated by Holocron Keeper Leland Chee).

Each entry in the timeline will have an original-source notation, as well as an event-placement notation, following the Great ReSynchronization Calendar (with BBY-ABY notations present as well)

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