The Unofficial New Jedi Order Homepage, or UNJOH for short, was a source for news and spoilers regarding The New Jedi Order series of books.

Founded by Mike Cooper in July 1999, it quickly grew to include a gallery, a database of all officially-released excerpts from the books, and more. In August of 2000, Cooper added the extensive Yuuzhan Vong Database to the site, where it continued to grow as each new book was released.

Things continued apace until June of 2002, when Cooper and Hess joined the staff of major fansite TheForce.Net. The site was moved to TFN's server, where updates continued, albeit at a slower pace, throughout the remainder of the NJO series. Though Cooper continued to be active in the fan community, and remained with TFN until 2007, the UNJOH ceased to be updated beyond the release of The Unifying Force in late 2003.

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