Red Plate

Red Plate tells the story of a First Order Stormtrooper. He doesn't like working for the bad guys, but his weakness is that he'll follow any order of a master.

The Stormtrooper, EJ-4384, is in charge of wiping out every challenger for the title "New Empire". Many people in the galaxy want that title, and Captain Phasma wants the First Order to be it.

Eventually 4384 meets a guy named Zekiel Gured. Zekiel is the best gunfighter in the Resistance and eventually helps 4384 out of his jam.

But the First Order seeks revenge.



The star of the show! EJ-4384 or "Red Plate" is the best stormtrooper in the First Order besides Captain Phasma. 4384 ends up helping the Resistance.

Zekiel Gured 

The best Resistance gunfighter, Zekiel is a short but fast man who is battle commander at the Battle of Tatooine, the fight in the end of the story.

Nash [1]

Nash is the servant to the Emperor, who makes a slight apperance in Red Plate.

Those are the main new characters. Captain Phasma, Poe, Leia, and the Petrorean Guard also are in Red Plate.

Best Scenes

And here are the best scenes from Red Plate.

Leia Lightsaber [2]

This is the best scene. Red Plate is captured by the Petrorean Guard when Leia takes her lightsaber, and uses the Force to fling it from the Resistance base all the way to the First Order Star Destroyer that he's on.

Green Guys [3]

This is the only other scene I'm gonna mention. The Green Guys, really called Ashwolds, are some of The First Order's top competitors for the title "New Empire". And then Phasma sends Red Plate to wipe them all out.

The End [4]

I hope you liked my preview for Red Plate. I will put a Google Doc version on here in about a month.

Red Plate will never be a real Star Wars Story film. But it was kinda fun to think of it.

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