Interview John Williams on Scoring Star Wars Episode VII

Interview John Williams on Scoring Star Wars Episode VII

This morning, at Celebration Europe II, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced that legendary Star Wars composer John Williams will return to score Star Wars Episode VII. A follow-up announcement was posted to the official Star Wars website.

"I've loved doing all the Star Wars films," Williams said in a video announcement, "with all the fanfare and flourish and the galaxy far, far away... I actually feel like I'm still in it. I've never really left it. Having worked on all the six films, I'm just happy to be continuing to part of the whole fun of doing it."

Williams hasn't seen the script or the story for Episode VII, but he anticipates references to the first six films that would allow for the use of previous music, much like he has done in all of the Star Wars sequels and prequels over the year. He prefers not seeing the script or story as well, and would rather wait to see the film for the "moment of discovery," which helps him write the score.

So far, Williams has had dinner with Kennedy and Episode VII director J.J. Abrams, "and they are two people that I think are perfectly chosen to continue George Lucas' great odyssey... We couldn't find better candidates for this opportunity."

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