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This should come as no surprise, given that The Walt Disney Company owns Star Wars now, but Disney has confirmed to The Wrap that the iconic 20th Century Fox fanfare, which played at the start of every Star Wars movie over the Fox and Lucasfilm logos, will not be played over Star Wars Episode VII. This was to be expected, since 20th Century Fox will not be involved in the distribution or production of Episode VII, so we can assume that the Disney logo and fanfare will play instead.

Here is one fan's take on what the new opening logos and crawl (which is fan-made, with nothing official in it) might look like. Please excuse the grey video preview; you can click play and it will work just fine!

Star Wars Episode VII Opening Logos and Crawl

Star Wars Episode VII Opening Logos and Crawl

Are you disappointed that the iconic fanfare won't be part of the opening of Episode VII? Did you have any expectation that it still would be? Let us know in the comments below!

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