Speculation has run rampant this week about the possibility of a fifth Indiana Jones adventure. Last Friday, Disney acquired the distribution and marketing rights for the franchise from Paramount, paving the way for future installments of the Harrison Ford-led franchise. Though it's not clear what, if any, story we might be seeing in the future, Walt Disney Studio's chairman Alan Horn has given official confirmation that the studio is looking into the possibility of another Indy adventure. Variety journalist Marc Graser tweeted the following about Horn's comments at Variety's Dealmakers' Breakfast earlier today:

In the past, the Indiana Jones stories were developed by George Lucas, but there's been no word about whether he will still be involved in the franchise now that he has sold Lucasfilm to Disney. We do know, however, that past Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall has been at an Indiana Jones office at the Disney headquarters. Could they be working on a story there?

For his part, Harrison Ford has said he is keen to wear the fedora at least one last time. In our latest Community Showcase, we speculated that a fifth Indiana Jones film could be a grand finale for Ford, before future installments (if any) are helmed by a younger actor. You can watch that here:

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