THM Alan Horn

THM Alan Horn

Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn has revealed that filming has already begun for Star Wars Episode VII. Despite already filming, the filmmakers are currently finalizing their casing decisions. Horn said that while a lot of the casting decisions have been made, "it's not completely done yet." In fact, Horn cited casting as the most difficult part of the process. As for when we might learn about the cast? "Patience you must have," Horn said in his best Yoda impression.

So what scenes could already be shot without a full cast in place? Odds are these are location shoots, in order to film backgrounds that will either be used as their own stand-alone shots or be added into the background of a green-screen environment. But that's just a guess for now.

Either way, we're getting very close to principal photography in May, and more Episode VII announcements are surely soon to come!

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