One of the biggest events in the history of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the return of Darth Maul at the end of the show's fourth season, and his recurring presence throughout season five. Now, fans of The Clone Wars who attend Celebration Europe II next month will have an exclusive chance to experience this arc again. The season five episodes "Revival," "Eminence," "Shades of Reason," and "The Lawless" will air together in feature-length format in two separate screenings at the convention.

This feature-length arc was cut together from The Clone Wars episodes specifically for attendees of Celebration Europe. The screenings are currently scheduled for 5pm Friday and 5pm Saturday. Before the screening on Friday, at 3pm, fans can also check out the panel Secrets of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with Pablo Hidalgo and the show's supervising director Dave Filoni. Filoni will be on-hand to share stories and answer fan questions about The Clone Wars.

Are you going to Celebration Europe? Be sure to get there early, because seats are sure to fill up!

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