George Lucas has been busy pitching his proposed Lucas Cultural Arts Museum for the Presidio in San Francisco. He recently secured the endorsement of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and whether his proposal is approved is in the hands of the Presidio Trust.

Now, Lucas and his team have put together a pitch video saying why the museum would be the right fit for San Francisco, the home of digital arts. For Lucas, it's all about sparking the imagination of kids. "Kids are able to do pictures and illustrations using digital art," he said, "so a museum that shows you how much you can actually do... It's amazing."

Lucas continued by saying, "I prefer emotional art. You know, something that you actually feel. The sort of anthropological side of me has a real interest in the ones that move societies and give them a collective vision of who they are and what they are."

The museum would include art from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries including fashion, cinematic design, and computer animation. The goal of the museum is to "inspire in children that you can use your imagination," just like George Lucas did when he created Star Wars.

Check out the full video below:

Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

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