Harrison Ford 2013.jpg

The Daily Express in the United Kingdom is reporting that Harrison Ford, who has been sidelined from the Star Wars Episode VII production ever since injuring his ankle next week, might be returning to the set earlier than expected—against the advice of his doctors.

It had been expected that Ford would miss eight weeks of filming due to his injury, which reportedly occurred when a door fell on him at Pinewood Studios. According to the new report, however, Ford might be ignoring his doctors' advice and plans to return to the set sooner. A source tells Daily Express that Ford "won't be able to do any physically demanding scenes and even walking will be a problem. But there are certain scenes that can be worked around Harrison's injury." It's been speculated, including by Ford's son Ben, that the production could film Ford from the waist up wherever possible.

We're glad to hear Ford might be back sooner, but we also hope he doesn't push himself too hard and further injure his ankle. Get well soon, Harrison!

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