Han Solo

Star Wars Episode VII is one of the most hotly anticipated film sequels of all time, but original series star Harrison Ford hasn't yet made up his mind on whether he wants to play the iconic Han Solo again. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show on the BBC (alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, who is also rumored to be up for the role of the sequel trilogy villain), Ford said that he has "not quite made the choice" to return yet.

Perhaps Ford is just being coy. He's previously said that he thinks his return as Han Solo is likely, and that he would likely be willing to return for more Star Wars. Only time will tell, of course, but if shooting is to begin in January 2014 as has been reported, that time will come very soon.

Despite his apparent uncertainty over more of Han Solo, the legendary actor would return for a fifth Indiana Jones outing "in a New York minute." Ford said that he doesn't "think there is any barrier to Indiana Jones being an old fart. I'm old enough that we don't need (Sean) Connery anymore. I'm old enough to play my own father!"

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