NOTE: See the update for this story below.

Have we gotten our first glimpse at the Star Wars Episode VII script? Bad Robot, the company owned and operated by Episode VII director J.J. Abrams, took to Twitter on Tuesday with a picture of a script emblazoned with the Bad Robot logo. Here's the Tweet:

We don't know for sure, and I hesitate to even say anything about it until we know more, but it's possible that this is at least a version of the shooting script for the seventh Star Wars film, written by Michael Arndt. Bad Robot seems very excited about it, to the point that they tweeted it, and red paper always means the script is under lock and key. You can't photocopy black text on red paper, so it makes it much harder to leak the script.

One point not in favor of it being the Episode VII script is that it has the Bad Robot logo on it, rather than the logo for Disney or Lucasfilm. I'm not sure why the script would have the Bad Robot logo on it unless it's misdirection or a Bad Robot copy.

Just like the fake Jacen and Jaina Solo casting breakdown we debunked, we want to bring you the facts of a story that you're bound to read online. Right now, the only fact we know is that we don't know what this script is, but the Internet is abuzz with the possibility that it's Episode VII.

If it is the Episode VII script, you can be sure that we'll report about it here on Star Wars Fanpedia. Check checking back for all the latest updates from a galaxy far, far away!

UPDATE: TheForce.Net took to Facebook this afternoon, saying that "Unfortunately, we have confirmed that this is not the script for Episode VII." It is not currently known what script the tweet was referring to.

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