Leonard Nimoy, who famously portrayed Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock in three Star Trek series and (SPOILER ALERT) 8 feature films, was recently asked in an interview with if he would be interested in appearing in Star Wars Episode VII. The film will be directed by J.J. Abrams, who also directed Nimoy in Star Trek, so the leap could be logical. Nimoy said, "Oooh. Ooooh, wouldn't that be fun. I would love to."

But what of the famous Star Wars and Star Trek rivalry? As the interviewer asked, "You don't think the galaxy would implode if Spock played a role in Star Wars?" For his part, Nimoy doesn't think so.

"No, no. I think it would work wonderfully. I think it would work just great. I think it would be a great idea, and somebody ought to tell [Abrams] that."

Like Daniel Radcliffe, who also recently expressed interest in a Star Wars role, Nimoy is no stranger to massive franchises. If J.J. Abrams can make the leap from Star Trek to Star Wars, perhaps one of Star Trek's most iconic characters can too.

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