The Mail Online, the web version of UK's The Daily Mail, has posted new photos of Harrison Ford in London using a brace to help him walk following his injury on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. The photos show Ford walking without the assistance of anyone else, save for the peg-like brace.

Click here to see the photos on Mail Online

Other than a few news items, I have mostly tried to stay away from reporting on Ford's injury. There's too much uncertainty, too many rumors (some of which are clearly made up), and no official information beyond the fact that he broke his leg. That does not lend itself to worthwhile news coverage and, as we've seen over the last week or two, just causes more alarm.

I'm choosing to report on this rumor because, despite the fact that one of our favorite actors is in a cast, the context of the photo actually seems to be good news. There were a lot of rumors in the past week that Ford would be off-set for 6 months, and that the film could be delayed into 2016 as a result. None of that was ever confirmed, and contradicted past reports that he would be out for 6-8 weeks—as well as statements from Ford's son, Ben, that his dad could be filmed from the waist up while his leg heals. These photos, in my admittedly inexperienced opinion (I have never 1. gone to medical school; 2. broken a bone; and/or 3. been 71 years old), do not strike me as showing someone who will need 6 months of rehab. Ford is walking on his own, though with a brace. You would think that an injury requiring 6 months to heal would mean he's struggle more than he is in that photo.

Previous reports also suggested that Ford had gone back to the United States for rehab—not true, based on these photos. They were taken in London last night. If Ford was going to be out for 6 months and there'd be massive delays in filming, why is he still in London?

This is, of course, speculation, but I'm feeling confident based on these photos that Ford will be back sooner than the "SKY IS FALLING" rumors have suggested. If yesterday's report from Jedi News saying that spirits are high on set are to be believed, then it sounds like the production is feeling confident as well.

Get well soon, Harrison!

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