Great news for fans of Star Wars Rebels! The show's second season, which will make its global debut at Celebration Anaheim in April (and then presumably airing sometime this fall), will have nearly twice as many episodes as the first season. So says series star Freddie Prinze Jr, who voices Kanan Jarrus:

As a fan of Rebels myself, this is great news. The biggest sticking point I have with the otherwise enjoyable first season is that the show feels rushed. Take the episode "Breaking Ranks," for example, where Ezra infiltrates the Imperial Academy in order to steal an Imperial decoder. The episode begins a few weeks into his time in the Academy. If that had been an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I'd like to think it would have been at least a two-parter, so we would have more time to learn about the Imperial Academy and the lives of those inside of it. If there are over twenty episodes in season two, it may feel less rushed.

Here's hoping for more great adventures with the crew of the Ghost!

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