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Celebrity news and gossip website TMZ has revealed what are allegedly (and quite obviously) photos from the Star Wars Episode VII set in Abu Dhabi. I won't be posting the images here due to the TMZ watermark on them, but you can click the aforementioned link to scroll through the gallery, where there are 45 images in total.

There are a few things we can tell from these images. For one, the set is chock full of practical effects, from a large creature that supposedly took five people to operate, to the surroundings, and to all of the people; J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy appear to be making good on their promise to cut down on the CGI. This set also appears to be for Tatooine.

We can also see a great throwback to the art of Ralph McQuarrie. Notice that gate, the one with all the styling on top? Straight out of McQuarrie's concept art of Jabba's palace for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Once you take a look at the image on TMZ, check out how closely it resembles the concept art:

Click for larger image.

Oh, and you notice the small sign on a fence in another image, the one with Aurebesh writing on it? The Aurebesh translates to "WARNING."

What do you think of these set images? Doesn't it look awesome? Share your thoughts in the comments below!