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Hi there! As the founder of this wiki, I want to personally welcome you to the new Star Wars Fanpedia, where you can geek out about all the latest news and rumors from a galaxy far, far away.

In 2015, Lucasfilm and Disney will release a bold new vision for Star Wars, beginning with J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII. The newly relaunched Star Wars Fanpedia is a place for fans of the legendary franchise to share their excitement for the future of Star Wars—the sequel trilogy (Episodes VII, VIII, and IX), planned spinoff films, new TV shows, and more.

Fanpedia compliments Wikia's existing Star Wars communities by filling in the missing link between them. Wookieepedia's emphasis is knowledge—the encyclopedic chronicling of every element in the Star Wars galaxy. Star Wars Fanon is driven by creativity, with fans dreaming up volumes of original stories about the characters they love. Fanpedia brings the enthusiasm of legions of passionate Star Wars fans into focus. We are a community-driven site where geeking out—sharing speculation, debating rumors, and discussing the latest news of what’s to come—is more than just encouraged. It's expected!

Now that you're here, there's so much you can do. Our pages about the sequel films, actors, crew, spinoff films, television projects, and the Expanded Universe will tell you everything we know about what's ahead for the franchise. Our news blogs will bring you all the latest up to date information about Episode VII and beyond. Once you've read the news, or you want to talk about anything else about the future of Star Wars, head on over to the forum to talk about it.

But it's not just official information we have here! The fans are the lifeblood of Star Wars, and this wiki will bring you tons of information about what many of those fans are up to. Whether it's our pages on fan films, fan fiction, fan clubs, and more, Fanpedia is a wiki by fans for fans.

Star Wars Fanpedia is for you, so make the most of it. We hope you enjoy your time here and join in on all the fun!

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