The Force Awakens will be in theaters in just two months! And while anticipation for that film has reached fever pitch, fans thoughts are already turning to the NEXT Star Wars movie, Rogue One, coming out in 2016.

Rogue One is the first standalone Star Wars movie in the on-going “Star Wars Story,” or “Anthology,” series which will tell tales of characters and events in the Galaxy Far, Far Away which diverge from the story of the main saga films. The second is a planned “early Han Solo movie” due in 2018. What’s coming after THAT? We don’t know, but it’s fun to speculate.

Do YOU have a Twitter-length pitch for a Star Wars standalone? We want to hear it! We’ll take the best submissions and include them in an upcoming Star Wars Standalone Wishlist video. Remember, for your pitch to make the highlight reel it must be on the shorter side -- think 140 characters. We’ll credit you in the video, of course. All entries submitted by September 18 will be considered.

We know you’ve got some great ideas. Let’s hear them in the comments!

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