The Vast Empire (VE) is a Star Wars club dedicated to fans, writers, roleplayers and gamers who wish to add their contribution to the Star Wars galaxy.

The Vast Empire was founded in 1998 as a gaming club. It does a large amount of online role playing simulations, multiplayer gaming, webpage creation, ICQ/IRC chatting, and Star Wars fiction writing.

The Star Wars simulation time of the club is currently set at the beginning of The Thrawn Trilogy. All Star Wars fiction written by members pertaining to the club takes place at this exact period in Star Wars history.

The current High Council commanders of the Vast Empire are Kadann and Talon. Along with several Division Commanders, the latter individuals constitute the Vast Empire High Council which make all decisions concerning the organization.

Club OverviewEdit

The Vast Empire is a combination of mainly writers and gamers. Characters have a online virtual bank and stock system, and a store where they can buy in-club items. The site conducts roleplaying on IRC and is developing D6 and D20 rule based formal roleplaying.

Imperial NetworkEdit

The Vast Empire is a proud member of the Imperial Network, which provides many benefits to the Imperial Forces. The Imperial Network helps many Imperial Star Wars role playing clubs as well as other Imperial clubs by providing the benefits required by the Empire.

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