In the show, Zeb is a member of the Ghost crew, the show's core cast of heroes, and a revered fighter from his home planet. He is strong, the muscle of the crew, but also smart, witty, and funny, which are juxtaposed with his large physical stature. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and hates Chopper—the grumpy astro-droid of the Ghost crew. He also likes fighting stormtroopers, particularly cracking their heads together. Despite his fighting, Zeb also has a softer side. He begrudgingly begins to form a brotherly relationship with Ezra Bridger and, while they may fight a lot, they often work together. Zeb is also not above getting caught up in the fun and games that Ezra baits him into.[1]


Star Wars Rebels Meet Zeb, the Muscle

Star Wars Rebels Meet Zeb, the Muscle


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